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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Believing is Seeing in Magick


Truth cannot be proven or disproven. It is simply a truth. All truths are real and not real at the same time. Third point of the hermitic triangle, and magical symbols are in essence very simplified image magic. You have the hypothesis, your paradigm or world view, and you have the antithesis which is actually in your head.  And you often project onto the world what you feel things are not, or should not be. The truth is in the synthesis. That both are expressions of your own soul and brought about by that power in you.

Can you be tired thinking about work? Indeed, and they have even done sleep studies on the impact of dreaming you were working. People wake with full symptoms of fatigue. The “biological” purpose of sleep is still not established.

A girl I like just recently died. I wake up thinking she is still alive, and I wake up with fatigue. Ghosts when questioned speak of a dream like perception of their reality. They are contacted by empathy first. The emotion disturbs them from recursive emotional memory.

It has taught me not to think a situation or someone is going to be there forever. You have to take action now. You don’t ‘have to’, you already are taking action. You can’t abstain. You are always at least “processing”. When processing an idea you are just resolving a mental picture.

Because one who is blind cannot truly ‘see’ is the world they would perceive any less ‘real’? They create images yet often with their hands, and there are notable blind sculptors. What they perceive through the senses left to them is no less real. A blind person either doesn’t fear the unseen or fears everything. Which doesn’t mean they break. I have witnessed the process both in those born blind and those rendered blind.

Seeing is not necessarily believing, but believing is seeing? Yes, exactly. What you believe determines what you make real, and people mostly believe in their limitations, their fears, what can’t be done, what can’t be seen or known.

A lot of times I don’t fear anything, but sometimes I fear myself yet nothing external. You fear an image of yourself. An idea you created that isn’t without reality, but it is mutable. An image that can change.

Maybe I should do away with all images? You won’t be able to. The brain makes images all on its own. The mind functions in images, literal or abstract.

How does ego death fit into this, curiously? Ego death fits into the mutability of images. That no one image is you. So you can’t point to one picture and say “that’s me”.

How about the role of color? Color is the most primal image. When people first experience clairvoyance, it’s often overlooked because it’s just a color. The brain translating energy to a color.

An aura? Yes, auras aren’t normal radiant light, but the brain still takes the energy and translates it to a “visible” element.

Yesterday I was seeing images like they were real in my mind. In a sense, they are real. Energy patterns. The patterns are much like colors and it is actually pretty normal. You can even notice they arise in a logical pattern. There is a reason the pattern occurs. Do the patterns occur when you are analytical? When trying to sleep? Problem solving often interferes with or occurs during sleep. Mind puts the patterns together during sleep. They call that a construct. Your subconscious is trying very hard to make something very clear to you.

We are what we imagine? Yes, and people are willing to image they are lost souls. So they are really rather lost.

Stigmata do still occur and even weirder things. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) can happen in Second Life as easily as anywhere else. It is basically technomancy. Spirits tend to “scream” and it creates a psychic feedback. They are used to being ignored.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insights on “Believing is Seeing”

  1. Monica Who

    I really enjoyed this post. Seeing most definitely is believing! I’ve subscribed to your blog and enjoy reading your new posts. Keep up the good work!

    love and light,

  2. Greg Holdsworth

    Can you please comment on how a end to religious tensions between christians and muslims might come about, particularly as the Holy Koran contains alot about the Jewish narrative. So are they really that different anyway???
    Also if there is so little historical evidence of the begininngs of the Jewish and chriian religion how can one answer questions with respect for anothers religion as well as not losing site of one’s own pathway?

    • Travis

      The truth can be found by “interviewing” each of the “witnesses” to the paths as they were being founded. Like a journalist should be, ideally you can see the most clear picture possible by considering all stories, but being biased toward none.

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