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Image as Mirror in Magick

Image Magick

Images serve as a mirror. Image magic works by what is called in hermetic philosophy, the law of sympathy. Like affects like. When you see something in the world that is in you, you actualize what is in you in the world. The law of attraction is also in it. Images in the mind attract physical experiences of that image. There is a reason why there are so many images inside a pyramid, they were not art for people to see.

People use movie imagery to describe things in life commonly, and it isn’t silliness or immaturity. The spirit of things is there but more visible in a sense. “Who am I?” is answered most primally in images. In seeing our reflection in water.  Who can I become is only answered in inner vision, but it is still an inner image.

An element of image magic that applies is that you aren’t summoning something from outside of you. All that you have ever seen, with your eyes or your minds eye, exists in a kind of hologram inside of you. The changes you make to the images are changing in your hologram, which is generated by your power, which is your power in the world itself. It’s a “language” of your spirit. Your very energy. Integrity.

So is there a way to interpret this ‘language’? Yes, but it is without words, without language as you know it. Like art, it’s interpreted in context. Any smaller image exists as a part of the world hologram. The bigger picture can be understood intellectually, often by a process I tend to use called ‘negative definition‘. Seeing the contrast. What the image is not.

Even in the virtual world of Second Life we have a sense of personal space. We are not harmed and can’t really be harmed, yet we still can cringe though our avatar isn’t violated. Many still don’t like getting sat on, although we all do have different tolerance levels. We react to images as if they were real, and we do have different levels of adaptability. I have a toy in Second Life. It is a voodoo doll and it can distort avatars quite gruesomely. People do cringe. Or anyone get that roller-coaster feeling when watching their avatar fall from a great height?

We do have differing temperaments and differing ways of responding to images. A posture in Second Life can make your muscles tense, and in fact mortification of the flesh there can have spiritual impact. If the mind locks down on an image then the image stays static. It’s pretty normal.  Image magic when worked does actually have to be let go of. Like not constantly visualizing some manual labour you may have been doing. The energy is still there, but you have to let it go for it to actualize.

I wonder if people have different levels of identification with their Second Life avatars? Yes, just as they do with their body image.

To use image magic in Second Life should we uncover what we are there in our form, or create an idea of what we want? You should do both. You should start from your spiritual heart and then grow it. So you need not create a static image. It is often best if you don’t as it allows the letting go to catch up to “reality” with your creative work.

If we created a better world in Second Life would our First Life be better? Yes, indeed. Peoples lives are already changing from it anyway. More deliberate responsibility, perhaps less belief in things being fake. Less doubt in the non-physical. Tolerance, acceptance. These things leak from Second Life to First Life. People often seem puzzled at my behaviour because I respond very little to “reality”, the physical. I respond more to the non physical in myself and others. This is perhaps why they say “special” children are such good judges of character. It’s possible to see the world as a whole, thought, feeling, action, creation, matter, all as whole.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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