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The Gnostics were right, to know yourself is to know the divine.

Reality of Image in Magick

Image Magick

Image magic is another one of those so simple it’s complicated topics. The basic premise behind image magic is that any image cannot be imagined or created without a connection to the object, place, or person being involved. That all we see stems from the same source as our ability to create images. Image magic is perhaps the oldest form of magic ever practiced. Cave paintings show signs of other things being done to them, and it is possible it predates even “verbal” humanity.

To connect it to the modern online virtual world of Second Life from the point of view of image magic, you can’t create an “unreal” image there. To get the idea for the image there had to be some element of reality behind it. Thus the source of your idea.

For those who carry on a sexual relationship in Second Life, there is a very real response to the activity of the images we have become bonded with, creating moods and very real emotional bonding as well as perhaps phantom biological response. In general, people tap deeper elements of themselves. I have watched avatars evolve as the person explored the grid and inevitably themselves here. Self images change. In Second Life, you can practice your inner self to the point it locks in place for you. How many of us behave now in our first life like we first did in Second Life?

But reality is subjective and therein lies the interesting part? Indeed, and this is a part of image magic. An image you create is as real, if not literal, as what you are told is real. We can’t have got a picture of an elephant save for the reality of elephant. When you seem to create something from your imagination in image magic, they say it’s more like taking a picture of a spiritual reality than creating something that wasn’t there.

My own beliefs are that if something is ‘created’, who’s to say you’re not just tapping into a reality that already exists? Merely one that hasn’t been explored or seen yet? Yes, that’s the basic idea behind image magic. Now where people get confused and where their minds rebel, is that they know the external image isn’t the thing. Which is a half truth. In fact, the external image serves as a focus for the spirit you tapped to make the image. So though the picture of the elephant isn’t literally the elephant, the spirit of the elephant is there.

This reminds me of some people who don’t like getting their picture taken, because it takes their spirit? It is a bit invasive, yes. You can do very precise readings with the aid of a photo. It records the psychic energy signature known as spirit/soul letting one lock onto a frequency easier. Like knowing their soul name.  But unfortunately in this day and age, people seem to lack much ability to grasp that spirit as a whole.

I’m an oneironaut myself, so this ties in with what I usually deal with. Yes, necromancy which is likely as old as image magic is a direct facet of it. You don’t make an image of someone in your head when you dream. The spirit is there, but you may have a slanted view of it.

I see the spirit of a gorilla in my shamanic journeys. I think I’ll go eat a banana. Do you think that might be the gorilla in me? Why I like bananas so much? A gorilla spirit is there. We all have that in us to a degree. Greater or lesser affinity with their image. Which actually raises an aspect of ritual magic. Many rituals are designed to use the officiator as proxy. The recitation, the interaction is called the “assumption of god forms”.

Why do you need the image in the first place? Image is important. A good example is in martial arts. First comes the image than the actions follow until it manifests. The better you get at manifesting an image, the more instant it becomes.

Why do I see a different face in a dream, but I know that it is one of my friends? On the level of images, and part of why images are useful, is because we can either perceive more deeply, like dreaming of your friend having a different face, or we can use it to focus a mental act of change. An example in Second Life is how many of you in creating an avatar there have either incidentally or deliberately changed your physical form?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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