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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Basis In Reality in Bibliomancy


Everyone familiar with the tarot? The imagery on those cards is archetypical, and archetypes are memetic presences at the very least, if not spirits. The “words” behind the tarot were an oral tradition. The images were crafted on buildings and any kind of sheltered structure in one form or another, and the only markings to link to them were those images.

When does an image become a “character” in a language (since character symbols evolved from pictures) or is there no difference in practice? An image becomes a character when it has that quality of many levelled meaning.

Power is increasing as characters evolved from pictures? Increasing and decreasing. In fact, the code that shapes the virtual world of Second Life is “bibliomancy.”

How does it decrease? Humans move away from the spirit.

This may help explain the jump in human evolution with the invention of writing? It does indeed explain that.

Though Socrates bemoaned writing as the death of memory. Socrates did, and was half right.

It is still amazing how much can apply to Second Life. Second Life is a mirror world having material substance as computers, and having a metaphysical substance with its meanings.

So decreasing in that humans move away from it and potentially get lazy? Forget about it? Human make up is shape changing, literally. I recall a story. Michelangelo was asked how he got such realistic images out of marble. He said he didn’t create anything, the image was already in the marble. You can’t create anything. You literally can’t.

Want a demonstration? Try to imagine something that has no basis in reality.

A talking sofa? Sofas are real and talking is real, so nope.

But my sofa does not talk to me. True, unless it has words printed on it, then those are its words.

The shape is its words? Yes. Even the great Bard Taliesin in speaking of shape shifting among his forms said “I have been a word in a book”. You cannot imagine something that has no basis in reality. At best you can rephrase it, give it a different context, but that is all. In fact, the wild and strange imagery of dreams is the very spirit of that shifting context.

If we can’t imagine it, we literally would not see it if it appeared before us now. Yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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