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How we Network


We network naturally. It isn’t something just corporate executives and politicians do. We often don’t even realize we are. We form pictures of people in our head. This is natural and not necessarily wrong, though it can be a stumbling… Seek More

Networking Reality


A big part of why empathy suffers in today’s society is that they think they see the other’s view. But they put themselves into their own construct. That isn’t empathy. It’s actually pretty depersonalizing. They cannot even see themselves, feel… Seek More

Networking in Society


This society was based on the “muscle” part of society, not the sensitive ones. But we aren’t at the whim of nature any more, so natural tendencies tend to get warped. What made perfect sense to nature becomes a drawback… Seek More

Role Playing

Role Play

One of the appeals of fantasy role playing even in the way it started which was Dungeons & Dragons, was that the characters from mythology (the heroes) are ultimately us and represent all the types. Those types still exist, just… Seek More

Identify Your Familiar


If you want to avoid confusion, identifying your familiar is helpful. If your familiar is a Kami, they tend to be sort of organized so they are good at networking. If your familiar is a Fairy, they are more free… Seek More

Energy Of Thought


Thoughts tend to make their home in a mind space, an individual persons mind. Space doesn’t really apply to the mindscape. So one thought can be in two minds, but thoughts tend to like the minds they “dwell” in, so they… Seek More

Free The Spirit In Second Life


Why do faces become masks? We get attached to them as our identity, because we have an idea. Idea = identity, and we feel we must have this. Supposedly, it’s not only the only way we can relate, it comes… Seek More

Right Time And Place


To bring numerology to the personal level, the networking side of it… It may seem like your input to the great math problem doesn’t matter. This would be a mistaken notion. It matters very much, because your literal reality is… Seek More

The Exchange


Humanity doesn’t see clearly into the, let’s say, hyperspace between dimensions. So images do get projected onto our mental screens and they have a low degree of resolution. Sort of like the scenes from the movie The Sixth Sense, people… Seek More

Realm of Wisdom


I won’t go into the whole map for pathworking. We are following what they call in Kabbalah the middle pillar. The super highway of that realm. It has width as well as depth. At the next level past the realm… Seek More