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Will matters and your will is free.

Belief, Reality and our Evolution in Belief


Magic or Shamanism is where we started.  There were no worries about who was in charge as we didn’t have time.  Our initial instincts were good, but then as we got organized and formed nations, the spirit had to have a boss and that served socially.  It allowed for great strides in cooperation, but we did go to extremes.  So we prospered, and actually had time on our hands.  Time to really think, and not just interact with nature or use nature as a reason to group together.  We really looked at how it behaved, but we had lost the initial idea.

There have been studies of the virtual world of Second Life and other online real time communication venues.  They are discovering that it is having an impact on the real life social scene.  It’s changing how people think.  Our conditioning doesn’t work so well in virtual worlds, so we are forced back to our roots psychologically.  To seeing spirit if you will, and it is changing how we meet each other.  Our beliefs are more aligned in Second Life, and usually despite ourselves.  We don’t hesitate to be our beliefs, and when we go back out into the world, even if we aren’t trying, it makes us question.  Questions make belief change, grow or pass away, or even just mutate.

It is found that we have evolved about as much as we are going to as a species biologically, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped changing.  We are changing more than we ever have before.  Chemically, energetically, structure, physical form has been proven even by science to be a paint job at best.  I think we can choose to guide ourselves rather than have natural selection dictate these changes.  What do you think?

Evolution is at a point where it has never been before, and it is extending beyond material incarnation.  DNA isn’t enough anymore, and this is why it is shifting so strangely.  The morphogenetic field is the strange attractor pattern that governs biological probability field collapse, and that is governed by the behaviour of the observer phenomenon.  I go with my experience, the belief that arises from sensing and doing, and I agree nature isn’t ever wrong.  Which raises the next point.

We consider that we choose what we think, but proof supports that we don’t.  Thinking is a rhythm much like the heart or respiration.  We think what we are conditioned to think, but that doesn’t exclude free will.

To relate it to Second Life, experience = conditioning.  It is proven that the brain cannot tell the difference between physical stimulus and stimuli vividly imagined.  So our thinking, operational cogitation, which really isn’t more complex than what our computers do, can be altered very easily.  This is why so many people are frustrated by the ideas behind the law of attraction.  They start in the wrong place with the ideas, but we can’t just acquire ideas.  We “learn” them and are conditioned to them.  We learn what we focus our awareness on, and our free will isn’t in those ideas.  It isn’t in thinking, it is in attention and being able to choose what has our attention.  What we choose gives us our experience.

To quote a line from Star Wars The Phantom Menace, ‘your focus determines your reality.’  It is a literal fact.  Your focus is the control on your thinking.  If you attack your thinking with the idea that will control it, you just make more noise in your head.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Peta-de-Aztlan

    I thought this was a good article. We need to change as a species of life or we will perish from the face of the Earth. We need to change what we can now, question unjust authority and the merits of corporate capitalism. At the same time let us not get lost in delusional thinking that conditions us to escape from our role and responsibility as humane beings here in present day connected reality.

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