'Belief' Chapter

Belief Connections

Beliefs are all false? Belief is a belief. We will all adopt a stance on things, make decisions about how we behave. We come up with many names for what’s inside us and why, but it all works no matter how it’s viewed. The intuition shows but doesn’t speak.

Belief is certainty. Belief is not as divided from science as people claim it is. Belief has spurred all major scientific discovery. So why do they spurn it today? Action comes before awareness, so what causes action? The regulating factor in life is beyond us. What about the natural impact of the shift in indicator species on the overall ecosystem? Belief exists even in animals. If anything it is even more obvious with them.

The mind is too strong for us to see through its limitations and disbeliefs. So we find another center. There is consciousness beyond what we call mind. The mind is part of the body and it is good that it is strong. Means we have a chance to live. It has rhythms. Is strength stiffness? In that case the strongest people are buried in our cemeteries

“You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can’t have it.” Dr. Robert Anthony

What is Belief?

It’s my experience that even away from organized religion, people still have very strong feelings about “belief.” I think I will start with what belief ultimately is. It’s a feeling of certainty and it does not require logical support. It… Seek More

Belief and Science

Does anyone have a strong belief that seems contradicted by life? Say, you believe in the law of attraction. Really invested in the idea of the law of attraction, but you perceive that it doesn’t seem to work? I’m not so sure… Seek More

Belief, Reality and our Evolution

Magic or Shamanism is where we started.  There were no worries about who was in charge as we didn’t have time.  Our initial instincts were good, but then as we got organized and formed nations, the spirit had to have… Seek More

Focus of our Attention

What can we focus our attention on? We don’t actually ever focus it on objects, it’s too abstract. The brain always processes any sensory data well before we are even aware of the object. It is how it is supposed to… Seek More

Action and Rest

I have an issue of action to share. Recently, I had an issue with a loss of trust. Major broad spectrum loss of trust. It was activating me like crazy. I didn’t like feeling so badly about people, even about… Seek More

Spiritual State

I have experienced a spiritual state. A variety of issues sort of gave me no choice. I used to suffer seizures, irregular theta waves. Those are what make you “unconscious” or at rest, but it wasn’t the sleep cycle. I wasn’t asleep.… Seek More

What were you thinking?

When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win. You will choose behavior based on what you imagine is real, and you represent every event or situation to yourself by the same process that we… Seek More

Life Lived According to Facts

It’s very popular to declare that it’s doesn’t matter what a person believes, isn’t it? That somehow there is more validity in “facts” than in “beliefs”?  Seems so, yes. The facts matter more. On what basis is that argument made?… Seek More

Magical Thinkers

One of the universal aspects of human cognition is we are all magical thinkers. No matter how rationalistic you may try to make yourself be, we form and retain information in patterns of association, sympathy, relationship. Yes, a person who… Seek More

Pleasure and Pain

So, beliefs… Why do we form beliefs? Why do we seem to need them so badly? Meaning.  To provide coherence among disparate circumstances? It seems they are a constant source of strife. A sense of context. Our brains and minds… Seek More