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Do you remember what it was like before you were born? No? That’s the point. We are forever aborning. Each moment a new incarnation, and in each moment the original conviction is arrived at again. Yet for all our convictions we are still constantly aborning.

Sacrifice For Meaning in Belief

Belief Connections

Is there nothing you would sacrifice your happiness for? Has happiness ever actually made you happy?

There are many things, but then I suppose I’d become “happy” with that sacrifice. Yes. What would you sacrifice your happiness for?

Someone I loved.

Most of my life I was trained that others’ happiness was more important than my own. So, I have often made others’ happiness a priority. Hate also motivates sacrifice.

We sacrifice everything ultimately for meaning. Where do we find meaning?

Through reference. Contexts.

In beliefs.

My own life, in a naturalistic sense, is without meaning. If I had to depend on what biology and social affirmation provided me, then I have no basis to ascribe meaning to my own existence. They say that people with an ASD speak their own language figuratively speaking. It’s been necessary for me in order to cope. Where meaning can’t be found, it will be fabricated. This is the basis for what I mentioned earlier, the increased connectivity in the left hemisphere.

Again, in the example of split brain patients, they found when the right hemisphere is provided information, and the left hemisphere is blocked from accessing this same information, the left hemisphere begins making up reasons why the other side of their body behaved that way. They may laugh spontaneously or so it would seem, and the left hemisphere will pick randomly among things it does see and just decide that one of them is funny.

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So your two brains even rely on inference in order to work together. Your right hand literally doesn’t know for any kind of fact what your left hand is doing. To feel whole you have to assume you are whole.

Well, enough of the mechanics maybe?

Your two brains have common ground with each other. They are almost entirely split, but they share the same primary channel, your brain stem, and as much as your brain behaves in such a way as to sideline what we would consider objective physical experience, it does primarily concern itself with it’s own function. It does have a huge collection of sensory impressions and motor patterns. Experience is what we call it, and this experience is shared even between the brain and other parts of the body. They have found that the spinal cord itself has a motor pattern for how to walk. It remembers how to walk all on its own.

My point is our patterns of belief are not just social constructs, not just arbitrary affectations. Your stomach believes in its ability to function. It makes inferences even when its current function is impaired. This is what leads you to heal.

So, beliefs are also embodiment’s? They are indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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