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What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

Action and Rest in Belief


I have an issue of action to share. Recently, I had an issue with a loss of trust. Major broad spectrum loss of trust. It was activating me like crazy. I didn’t like feeling so badly about people, even about people I love. Well, no amount of action was going to fix that. I was stuck in the action phase of my personal energy or spirit.

It wasn’t until I remembered that feeling, that peace, that unity, innate instinctive biophilia. Life loves life my friends. This is why we keep pets. It’s why we rear children. We don’t have to choose to love that universal life. We do. It’s sort of instinct. A survival imperative really. You can feel that inside of you, can you not? The desire for that peace? That state of rest?

But no, we are all stuck doing. Not only from our own appetites, but from outside prodding. More the prodding than anything else. Everybody wants something, and it’s always changing, but not really. It’s just a big feedback loop. That’s what the common view is. A feedback loop to keep us active and unaware. It’s what makes us unable to see, to change, to heal, to rest.

We are much too busy to complete the circuit of action and rest. We’re trying to keep the energy active. Is it a mystery that we short circuit? We are literally trying to defy the laws of physics. Has science even implied that is possible? There is a reason that rest state goes by so many names; the Tao, nivana, God. It’s what Bohm calls the implicit order. It’s the root of all that manifests and it has incredible power to move us to act. It’s right that it has that power.

So why are we focused on “our own power”? That’s crazy I think. What is our own power? Is it biological energy? Nope. We get that from other sources. Is it our willpower? No, we didn’t make that ability. It is of our own natures? Again, we are not our own authors in that regard.

When we are anxious for results, for outcomes, to fix things we call problems, what usually happens? Does that anxious active state help anything at all? If we achieve a balance again it’s usually despite ourselves. The regulating factor in life is more powerful than us. Thank “God” for it eh?

What if we could move with it? Feel it and let it move us? It’s right there. This is my belief.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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