Meditation by Robert Gresak in Poetry

I pause in reverence before the gift of Self.
The lower vessel shatters,
the divine spark shines through and my higher Self
becomes a link of the golden chain of divine love.
For what we are, we are by sharing,
and as we share we move towards the light.

We pause in reverence before the mystery of a glorious presence,
the near, the very near reality of the Almighty.
Communion is our aim and ultimately, union
as we approach the great mystery with meditation
and loving deeds for this service brings us closer
to that Godly light within.

We should pause in deep sadness before the cruel
and abominable acts of men,
the concentrations for death-for obliteration,
the cruelly casual ways of each to each.
But in the stillness of the quiet hour
we find our way from darkness to light.

May we find our lives so precious
and that of all other life
that we cannot but share it with others,
the insights, the shining moments out of time
that the inner light may shine brighter
than a thousand suns.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

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