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“Sometimes the beauty is easy. Sometimes you don’t have to try at all. Sometimes you can hear the wind blow in a handshake. Sometimes there’s poetry written right on the bathroom wall.” Ani Difranco (American Singer, Song Writer and Guitarist. b.1970)

“In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it’s the exact opposite.” Paul Dirac (English theoretical physicist, 1902-1984)

Storm Before the Calm by Ade Sluzky

Between the radicals and the refugees
Water running out and the rising seas
The misinformation in the fog of war
The unjust lessons from above the law
Do those that hate me for where I stand
Take a moment to understand?
That fossils fuel impotent screams
And bolster bastions to maintain regimes?
Do they know I love life more than death?
Do they care I’d sooner swallow malicious breath?
Have they judged us all by the acts of others?
Are they aware of how our media smothers?
Do they care that the specter of war
Has never been what I’ve been cheering for?
Do they care
About other people’s despair?
Do they want to kill me without knowing my name?
Do they think we’re all the fucking same?
If we preach peace, we owe it.
To the majority who want peace, I know it.

Ade Sluzky
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Revelation – The Infinite Journey by Robert Gresak

With shattering, uplifting and melodious tone the voice came
uttering the soul shaking name
which resounds through all the planes
of being – from the very highest
to the very lowest –

From the depths of my being
did it resound until I felt crowned
with a wondrous glory and grace.
Then upon the brilliant face
of Heaven I gazed
and saw a million million tiny lights being raised
from the dim sphere of Earth,
knew these were souls entering spiritual rebirth.

Again vast numbers descending I saw
awaiting their chance to enter rebirth’s door
fulfilling the injunction of evolutionary law.
Gazing higher and deeper still,
saw the blazing souls of those who did the law fulfill
even greater cosmic heights attain
no more to be chained to Earths dim and turbulent plane

Such is mans evolutionary journey – so vast
to finally cross the rainbow bridge
and enter after eons of time his true home at last.
Spirit to spirit, the earthly form but illusion,
an infinite journey from fusion to fusion.


Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Meditation by Robert Gresak

I pause in reverence before the gift of Self.
The lower vessel shatters,
the divine spark shines through and my higher Self
becomes a link of the golden chain of divine love.
For what we are, we are by sharing,
and as we share we move towards the light.

We pause in reverence before the mystery of a glorious presence,
the near, the very near reality of the Almighty.
Communion is our aim and ultimately, union
as we approach the great mystery with meditation
and loving deeds for this service brings us closer
to that Godly light within.

We should pause in deep sadness before the cruel
and abominable acts of men,
the concentrations for death-for obliteration,
the cruelly casual ways of each to each.
But in the stillness of the quiet hour
we find our way from darkness to light.

May we find our lives so precious
and that of all other life
that we cannot but share it with others,
the insights, the shining moments out of time
that the inner light may shine brighter
than a thousand suns.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Sobek (deification of crocodiles)

You lay there brother
What are you thinking?
You lash out at something near your pool of vision
What is to gain?
If I came to gaze at myself at the water would I meet my end in the same way?
Would you drift peacefully wondering what I see?
Is there confusion or enlightenment in your abyss?

~ Travis Saunders, Dragon Intuitive

Peter Pierre by DonJuan Writer

Only a fool seeks wisdom for who on Earth else would need it?
Similarly an unclean soul seeks purity,
You’d be an unwise fool to feed it.

Purity demands one must abstain,
Whilst hinting that truth sets one free,
That’s a “stop” and that’s a “go.”
Blatant hypocrisy.

The blueprints for progress are faded,
Outdated, toxic and surreal,
There is nothing wrong with the universe,
You are only as true as you feel.

Happiness is a state of mind my friend,
And I will send you my fees,
One door for letting people in
And three doors for letting them out,
And take good care of your keys.

DonJuan Writer
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Light Of The Ages by Robert Gresak

The light of the ages
shone through untold sages
to light the way for men
in great darkness left,
to light the way for men bereft
of all comfort, all hope.

The light of the ages
now saturates the pages
of the book of the soul
even as that darkness, in vein, rages.

The light of the ages
now fully and completely stages
the global play of love
and lasting peace to win.
See now the grand drama of ascension.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Ascend to Light by Robert Gresak

The sands of time run through the hourglass
the ages and years swiftly pass
and men and women, some slow, some fast
progress from class to class
on life’s evolving stage.

Again the age of Aquarius has rolled around,
the age of man is once more found.
Arise, arise my brothers and be no more bound
by the lower-reach up to the higher,
reach up and grasp the hand of the water carrier
who waits in yearning for you,
to fill you with light and loves cosmic view.

Can you not hear the music of the spheres at play?
‘Tis time, ‘tis time, no more delay,
but grasp the proffered opportunity
to uplift your yearning soul
and enter the fields of radiant reality.

Have courage brothers and sisters in the light, be brave
it is time to catch life’s ascending wave.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

Poetry by Robert Gresak


The fearless ones find day in night
and in themselves the deathless light.
In flower, bird and butterfly,
in love, thus dying, do not die.


Star originated soul, star originated soul
so deeply bright, so deeply bright
buried so deep from reasons sight;
I cry, cry, I yearn for the touch of your heavenly might,
to know once again that ancient cosmic light.


‘Tis only the daring and the bold
who seek to change the mould
of strangling conventionality,
who are willing and able to bring to life
that which was long ago foretold.
They are the pioneering spirits of every age
working to shatter the cage
of limitations and constrictions.
How bright burns life’s flame in them,
life crowns them with glory
and nought is able to stem
their insatiable quest and unfailing zest.


The banners of the army of light
have everywhere been unfurled,
the spirit of freedom, justice and goodwill
is racing around the world.
The malignant powers can no longer hide
as the power for good gathers force
and will no longer be denied.


O beautiful silence you are the queen
of all the unseen,
in your depths is known the true peace
without cease.

In the depths of your blessed heart
germinates the start
of all that is from a seed to a star
and the power of cosmic energy
from galaxies afar.


Let the violet fire of the new age stream forth and burn
all that is unregenerate in man
and thus begin to turn
his thoughts and aspirations
to spirit, to truth and compassion,
thus to advance the healing of the nations.

Let the violet fire of the new age
uplift the spiritual to the next higher stage;
let the fire sweep and rage
opening eyes and hearts
to the reality of wholeness
and the falseness of parts.


Let there be light
my soul cried, despite
the worlds outer chaos.

Let there be light
let there be spiritual might
to dissolve fears of the souls long night.

Let there be light
let my souls sun, shine bright
to illumine and bring revelatory sight.

Let there be light
to flow through my consciousness,
to uplift and to bless, no less.

Let there be light
to stream through and along every nerve
and lead me with love, to more effectively serve.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

shadows by Helenka Campbell

shadows by Helenka Campbell

Spidery web of lies
deceit and fear gathered
in cold hallowed darkness
tucked deep within my soul

And so I called upon the Angels
to spread their wings of Light
Purifying the luridness
with Love’s sweet promises

So they came…
Lovingly embracing
All of the haunting echoes
of hurt, sadness, mistrust

Creating a Divine place
for new beginnings
New Promises of joyous life
breaking the chaos of old

Guiding me to open my heart
Receiving clarity
A time of unbound unity
Closing the circle

Grasping the ring of Love
letting it’s essence fill me
Destroyed the shadows
where fear resides

Helenka Campbell
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive


the tree by Helenka Campbell

Like a tree
Rooted and simply being
outstretched to feel the wind and sun
Happiness requires no effort

It simply means opening your heart
to what is in front of you
Simple moments of joy
and the true meaning of Love

The tree is in harmony
existing as part of the oneness
lovingly providing treasures
asking nothing in return

In the quietness
Seek your heart
Respond with gentleness
And find your harmony

For within Gratitude
Abundance is created
Prosperity is born
And Life is blissful..

Helenka Campbell
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive