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Ascend to Light by Robert Gresak in Poetry

The sands of time run through the hourglass
the ages and years swiftly pass
and men and women, some slow, some fast
progress from class to class
on life’s evolving stage.

Again the age of Aquarius has rolled around,
the age of man is once more found.
Arise, arise my brothers and be no more bound
by the lower-reach up to the higher,
reach up and grasp the hand of the water carrier
who waits in yearning for you,
to fill you with light and loves cosmic view.

Can you not hear the music of the spheres at play?
‘Tis time, ‘tis time, no more delay,
but grasp the proffered opportunity
to uplift your yearning soul
and enter the fields of radiant reality.

Have courage brothers and sisters in the light, be brave
it is time to catch life’s ascending wave.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

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