Storm Before the Calm by Ade Sluzky in Ade Sluzky Poetry

Between the radicals and the refugees
Water running out and the rising seas
The misinformation in the fog of war
The unjust lessons from above the law
Do those that hate me for where I stand
Take a moment to understand?
That fossils fuel impotent screams
And bolster bastions to maintain regimes?
Do they know I love life more than death?
Do they care I’d sooner swallow malicious breath?
Have they judged us all by the acts of others?
Are they aware of how our media smothers?
Do they care that the specter of war
Has never been what I’ve been cheering for?
Do they care
About other people’s despair?
Do they want to kill me without knowing my name?
Do they think we’re all the fucking same?
If we preach peace, we owe it.
To the majority who want peace, I know it.

Ade Sluzky
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

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