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First Model of Network Cosmology in Axis Mundi

World Tree

Maybe I need to get “out there” first before I can bring it down to the concrete level.

Network cosmology. The world tree is humanities “first” model of network cosmology. The central trunk would represent the common axis of time. The branches and roots would represent two different but connected planes of space traditionally referred to as the upper world or heaven, and the underworld. The Chinese have world tree symbolism with the additional axis of the path of the sun added in. The imagery really is universal.

There is some buzz going around that we may all be living in a big brain. What do you think of this notion?

I suppose it’s possible. The so called reptilian brain would be the underworld, and the neo-mammalian brain would be the over world or heaven with your focus of attention being the trunk between them. So perhaps the most obvious world tree is our own brains.

Interestingly enough, the part of the brain most involved in sorting out our understanding of the external world isn’t in the fore-brain at all where we plan and imagine and develop our intentions. It’s in a spot deep in the brain near the “trunk” of the network in the default mode network, and closer to our emotional brain than our supposed thinking centres. What do you think of this?

Our thinking resides in our underworld?

I think its all centred on emotions.

This is perhaps why shamans have to hoop and holler and psyche themselves out in order to embark on a spirit journey, or the dervishes have to dance in order to have their vision of god.

Well, I offer that brains are not that important. That brains are instead a simplification of a principle that extends well beyond the formation of brains or brain like structures. Is that unfair to say? Your brain has to network in order to understand a networked universe.

What is that principle? The principle is resonance, like in string theory, but shall I offer an alternative to mainstream string theory?

Rather than the strings being closed loops that morph and split and perform some weird dance in a set of immeasurable dimensions, I do offer that the strings are a much better model than zero dimensional points, but those dimensions are not somehow immeasurably enfolded on themselves. The strings we perceive as behaving like particles, and taking on their form and character according to their individual resonance, are instead branches of a much bigger network than any present in our membrane of space. Particles seem to be entangled, and seem to be able to act on each other over vast distances because our measurement of distance and space is inadequate. The two branches that seem mysteriously entangled never split at all. They just sway along a multi dimensional axis.

Like two twig tips emerging through the water surface that are actually part of a branch under the water. Yes, very good metaphor.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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