Revelation – The Infinite Journey by Robert Gresak in Poetry

With shattering, uplifting and melodious tone the voice came
uttering the soul shaking name
which resounds through all the planes
of being – from the very highest
to the very lowest –

From the depths of my being
did it resound until I felt crowned
with a wondrous glory and grace.
Then upon the brilliant face
of Heaven I gazed
and saw a million million tiny lights being raised
from the dim sphere of Earth,
knew these were souls entering spiritual rebirth.

Again vast numbers descending I saw
awaiting their chance to enter rebirth’s door
fulfilling the injunction of evolutionary law.
Gazing higher and deeper still,
saw the blazing souls of those who did the law fulfill
even greater cosmic heights attain
no more to be chained to Earths dim and turbulent plane

Such is mans evolutionary journey – so vast
to finally cross the rainbow bridge
and enter after eons of time his true home at last.
Spirit to spirit, the earthly form but illusion,
an infinite journey from fusion to fusion.


Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

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