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If everything seems meaningless, then you’re way off center.

Jumping Over Yourself in Law of Negative Attraction

Law of Negative Attraction

So I will ask, has any effort to make something happen worked the way you wanted it to? Emphasis on make, force. By force of will did you ever succeed exactly as you intended to?

When I’ve tried to force, it backfires. There is not just one layer of sympathetic connections. There are many. The reality you are working with is endlessly diverse.

What happens when you create a vacuum in the air? More air rushes in to fill that space. This is how our vacuum cleaners work. But like a vacuum cleaner, as the vacuum collapses there is no real way to control what fills that space. You get dust and small objects, all sorts of mess. Anyone recognize that having happened to them?

So you have not one complication creeping in but two. Recognize them from before? You have the convoluting influence of intention, and the multifaceted depth of the world itself. The tendency of the “irrelevant” to creep in is why so many people believe in the dictum “expect the unexpected”, or Murphy’s Law. If anything can go wrong it will.

Now we have an example of a common use of the law of attraction. It has a physical parallel in the function of an internal combustion engine. You create a shift and it creates a vacuum which implodes and you deal with the fall out, then you create s shift to compensate for that and the same thing happens again, repeatedly.

Then one could call it wrong and be totally clueless to the process. It can lead to some sense of progress, but what’s the long term consequence of that?

“Going around in circles”? Yes, like the engine driving the pistons, and in the inevitable, eventual breakdown. It’s why people say so often that today’s gadgets are designed to break. They were in fact never any different. They are just more complex now, so perhaps the natural outcome is more obvious.

Some companies do build in a lifetime in their machines, like printers. That is more and more the goal these days, indeed.

There is another way. Physics has a law of conservation. The law of conservation, in the example we are using tonight, finds its parallel in the concept of fusion. In fission, you break down matter to release or “create” space for energy. In fusion, you use nature’s natural process of evolution. Released energy is absorbed by the environment around it and converted into another and still useful form, light absorbed by plants, things like that.

Instead of trying to create breaks, people even speak of “getting a break.” You can direct your manifestation efforts toward support of conditions that renew you, carry you forward. You currently have a set of processes, energies that are supporting your wellbeing. These aren’t new things that have to come into being, they are already here for you right now and are likely readily apparent. These supports are complex systems which we usually just assume we fully understand. But if we were to devote our energies to establishing a stronger connection, like a synapse in the human brain, you can access the depth and potential of that condition and those circumstances in a way that creates no disruption, creates no signal noise.

What would happen if a spider broke ever fiber in its web it felt vibrations coming from?

No food, no web. When you create, do you read your current circumstances, attune yourself to what has brought you to your current condition? Or do you just try to add what you feel isn’t there?

The latter.


You’ve got to jump over the monsters. You are the monster. You are the destroyer. You are your own worst enemy.

I try to imagine jumping over myself. Ah, deep manifestation is always jumping over yourself. If you don’t jump over your own feet you will trip on them. Walking is just jumping with the most efficient use of energy. The greatest finesse we can manage.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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