Dinner Table by DonJuan Writer in Ade Sluzky Poetry

To see the world this poem implies,
May I ask you to close your eyes?
Now, imagine, as you are able,
A rather large dinner table.
And sitting at it is everyone you know,
And everyone you used to know.
Yes, it’s a very implausibly large table,
But this is a mind fable…

Everyone you know,
And everyone you used to know.
Now, it’s true,
There will be a lot of dishes to do,
But for now we’ll look at everyone here,
Some are on wine, some water, some beer.
The kids are content with the meal,
The old ones are calm; the whole table’s a good feel.
Now, please focus on one person and remember their story
Their culture, their choices, the events that have contributory,
To shaping that persons personality traits,
Their losses, their gains, their various mind states.
Now, come back out and think of another one,
See them at night, see them under the sun.

Ok, you know, if you follow the trail of this poem through,
Somebody else could be considering you.
How far could they see?
How accurate would they be?

The doors open and in come the remainder of the 6 and a half billion unknown guests,
The imagination never rests..

What I am saying is not new or strange,
We all change.
It would be abject, hypocritical perversity,
To be anything but open to accomodating human diversity.
I’ll finish with a toast to the full table, see how this can feel,
“Let’s raise a glass to not destroying each other,

Cheers, girls and guys,
Ok, open your eyes.

DonJuan Writer
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive


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