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The fearless ones find day in night
and in themselves the deathless light.
In flower, bird and butterfly,
in love, thus dying, do not die.


Star originated soul, star originated soul
so deeply bright, so deeply bright
buried so deep from reasons sight;
I cry, cry, I yearn for the touch of your heavenly might,
to know once again that ancient cosmic light.


‘Tis only the daring and the bold
who seek to change the mould
of strangling conventionality,
who are willing and able to bring to life
that which was long ago foretold.
They are the pioneering spirits of every age
working to shatter the cage
of limitations and constrictions.
How bright burns life’s flame in them,
life crowns them with glory
and nought is able to stem
their insatiable quest and unfailing zest.

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The banners of the army of light
have everywhere been unfurled,
the spirit of freedom, justice and goodwill
is racing around the world.
The malignant powers can no longer hide
as the power for good gathers force
and will no longer be denied.


O beautiful silence you are the queen
of all the unseen,
in your depths is known the true peace
without cease.

In the depths of your blessed heart
germinates the start
of all that is from a seed to a star
and the power of cosmic energy
from galaxies afar.


Let the violet fire of the new age stream forth and burn
all that is unregenerate in man
and thus begin to turn
his thoughts and aspirations
to spirit, to truth and compassion,
thus to advance the healing of the nations.

Let the violet fire of the new age
uplift the spiritual to the next higher stage;
let the fire sweep and rage
opening eyes and hearts
to the reality of wholeness
and the falseness of parts.


Let there be light
my soul cried, despite
the worlds outer chaos.

Let there be light
let there be spiritual might
to dissolve fears of the souls long night.

Let there be light
let my souls sun, shine bright
to illumine and bring revelatory sight.

Let there be light
to flow through my consciousness,
to uplift and to bless, no less.

Let there be light
to stream through and along every nerve
and lead me with love, to more effectively serve.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Poet
Dragon Intuitive

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