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You can revere the heros of our history who otherwise often lead sordid lives and will avoid any loss of faith because you are seeing the truth. The sacred is here in this life that you may have judged profane.

Parallel Path in Tree Of Shadow

Tree of Shadow

Each sephira or shell is linked to the same planet, and each shell has a body of intelligence and individual intelligences. These spirits are called demons to use the English term, and it’s the only model of demon Kabbalists have. It’s the only concept of demon Judaism includes.

At first, your venturing into one of the shadow worlds seems subtle, and if you stay on the fringes you may never get burned so to speak. But as you immerse yourself in the vices, like hedonism, you discover that this world has a mind of it’s own, and when this mind notices you, it ramps up your experience of the vice in its realm. Makes it become grotesque. This is the principle behind the Buddhist hells. Any hell is just a dramatization of something that makes you cling. Like say, a hell of there being only cheese. Cheese to eat and cheese to drink, and cheese to see and smell.

Like how each deadly vice has a ruling demon. Exactly, and each virtue a patron saint or angel.

I think it’s also why the Irish speak of tricking the devil. Saying I’m only doing this today so he doesn’t think I’m too committed. That is indeed why. It’s a deep insight.

So when we demoted Pluto from being a planet, did that affect a shell? Not at all, because the shells and spheres of light are not confined to the planets. They are just the points the planets formed around, and there are outliers that have nothing to do with human experience on the day to day level.

Ah, the energy level like quantum energy levels around an atom. Yes.

The tree of shadow mirrors the tree of light. Now it’s possible to use the tree of shadow in the same way you use the tree of life. The severities are more merciful in the tree of shadow. The mercies are the greater horrors in the tree of shadow as well. So you have to think of it in reverse. People still go between the two pillars, but the pillar that corresponds to the pillar of severity is the point of exhaustion, and the pillar of mercy is the pillar of indulgence in the tree of shadow, and we move between indulgence and exhaustion.

So a mercy is when a vice lightens up. Exactly, and the middle pillar of the tree of shadow is the realization that both indulgence and exhaustion are temporary, not goals. The realization that you walk the same road as the light seeker. It’s the parallel path. Each time a demon challenges you, you use your experience of the previous demon. Can you hate and indulge lust at the same time?

You climb the stages of the tree of shadow as well? Yes. The tree of shadow is not for everyone. Just as the tree of life, there needs to the calling.

You climb both at the same time? No. Ultimately you will understand one better than the other, but you can consider both as you progress and include both into your insights. It’s just self awareness.

Is it a question of orientation to a single tree with dark/light branches? Approach it from the light side or dark side? Oh indeed, you can see the progress in a mirrored way. You will because both lead to an awareness of the other with the same depth, and yes, you don’t get swallowed up by either. The light dwellers will at times walk in shadow, and the shadow walkers will have moments of light but will gravitate back to their natural tree. This should occur without shame or ignorance. Shame and ignorance are one and the same really.

Is this what is being alluded to in the “Valley of the shadow of death”? Exactly. I will paraphrase. Yes, I realize I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but I will fear no evil for your rod and your staff are with me. And lead me to dwell in green pastures, beside still waters. What this means in less poetic language is that the principles of the light continue to equip those they serve, and lead the seeker back to their home realm.

It’s telling us there is no separation? Yes, there is no separation and you can wander into either tree at any time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insight on “Parallel Path”

  1. Vicward Pentacles

    When you are traveling along the paths of these trees try to remember where you are. What are you being influenced by? What do the signs tell you? Learn to map the influences upon your soul and figure out where you are on the Tree of Life/ Shadow.
    Fundamentally, you will need to feel connected to the Tree of Life/ Shadow in order to find out how it affects you.
    Then become aware of what is around you on the etheric plane. What’s pushing you the most? Use these feelings to pinpoint where you might be sitting on the Tree of Life.
    Use symbols from the Kabbalah to achieve familiarity with the macrocosm.
    The main point I’d like to share is that it takes time to move from one path to the other. In our linear world, it makes sense to go from Earth to the Moon, to venus, then mercury, and so on and so forth. Don’t jump from the Tree of Life’s Jupiter sephiroth all the way to the Tree of Shadow’s Neptune sephiroth.
    That’s almost like going from 800 MPH to -900 MPH. You would be sliced up probably, but I don’t know.

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