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Centered State


Centering is one of those practices that’s so simple it’s complicated. Even when we are physically relaxed we are often not at all centered. If we’re relaxing watching TV say, it’s so kinetic that we just stay off center. We… Seek More

I’m a Believer Re-Write (Human Rights) By DonJuan Writer

I thought rights were just the stuff of fairy tails, Meant for war torn souls but not for me, I was such a cynic, That’s the way it seems, Violations haunted all my dreams But the human race, Can be… Seek More

Nothing Permanent Lasts Forever by DonJuan Writer

By all means have audacity, By all means show your wit, And if you’ve got the gumption, By all means handle it. By all means stroke your ego, By all means elevate, By all means duck and cover, When they… Seek More

Dinner Table by DonJuan Writer

To see the world this poem implies, May I ask you to close your eyes? Now, imagine, as you are able, A rather large dinner table. And sitting at it is everyone you know, And everyone you used to know.… Seek More

DonJuan Poetry

Poetry reading by DonJuan Writer recorded on Reflection Island in Second Life. Join the group ‘One World, Many Paths’ to attend online events. Visit our Poetry page and submit your own creations. Subscribe to One World Pod DonJuan’s Poetry Podcast… Seek More

Post-traumatic Nihilism by DonJuan Writer

Yeah, so I’ve worked out the pointless, purposeless, meaninglessness of nihilism And the implications of what pointless, purposeless, meaninglessness implies, It places any certain logic, thus consequences, in an arena of surrealism, On me, As yet, Still no flies. DonJuan… Seek More

Respect vs. Fear


R eally E xpressing S o P eople E ngage C ommunication T ies ~ DonJuan Writer Respect is an emotionally charged topic, and who hasn’t experienced some negativity in the name of “respect”? If it’s an inherent good as… Seek More

Hawaiian Story Time #1

Maile Story

We are honored to have MaiLe Firehawk share her native Hawaiian culture. She shares tales of Hawaiian values of spirit, mind and body. Aloha, everyone… yes! Hawaiian Storytelling is back! Lehua, Storyteller is now Maile, Storyteller. And that is its… Seek More

Word Magic


Bibliomancy is divination using books, or more specifically words. Some form of bibliomancy has existed for a long time, from runes to prophetic poetry. Is all about the power of words … i ka ‘olelo ke ola, i ka ‘olelo… Seek More

Secret Meaning


Why aren’t people discovering secret meaning in books all the time? Well, it’s simple. Many books are not written to contain the world. Modern books often are dwarfed in spirit so could work a little only, or not at all.… Seek More