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Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Transmutation of Energy in Cannibalism


In the case of cardiac nerve studies, they found heart nerves don’t seem to suffer any sort of energetic rejection. It doesn’t matter whose heart the heart tissue is from, if it’s still alive it will synchronize.

There are stories of organ donees who have memories of their donors? Yes, thus there is more study being done now in the possible case of cellular and inherited memory. Though in the case of the successful head transplant the brain does seem to dominate and perhaps assimilate any cellular memory of the host body. They successfully transplanted a rhesus monkeys head to another monkeys body. The remaining personality and behaviour characteristics were of the head. In eastern medicine each organ and even the blood itself has chi all its own, and thus they try to avoid any transplanting.

The question is which one is being saved, the person with the head, or the person with the body? The answer from the experiment seems head, though the cardiac nerve engrams would seem to imprint on the transferred brain in all likelihood as would enteric cycles. The brain being the whole data storage system, and the body downloaded there.

On donorship, the question is more why some organs are rejected from the body? Yes, otherwise compatible organs. It could very well be more of a mind/body issue than materialist scientists want to believe, much like the psychic effects of cosmetic surgery.

Because it will be the brain telling the immune system that it’s a foreign body? Yes. The brain saying “that’s not mine”. The organ most responsible for creating the rejection response is in the brain. I think what it is, is the taboo that has keeps us thinking of surgery as changing meat. So once again it goes back to our ‘ideas’ that create disharmony. Thinking too much blocks transmutation of energy. If we believe it will work, it can.

Do they not provide medication for transplant operations to help counteract that? They do, and often anti rejection drugs fail or have the opposite effect. Some studies show that statistically placebos are as effective as the real drugs.

The idea of thinking, what we are trained to believe is thinking, seems to be grossly limited and functionally incorrect. This is why the neural transponder technology took so long. The neural transponder can translate neural impulses into machine commands as in operating a mouse. The earliest example being the foxfire weapons targeting system, which didn’t work to the militaries satisfaction though it did work.

The military is ‘ never ‘ satisfied! Well, their problem in that case was the untrainability. They had a pilot who could use the system who had sufficient neural plasticity, but they couldn’t find anyone else. You would need an operator with low self deception qualities without the natural “overlay”. This is what made them stop funding Project Stargate (not related to the TV series), the government remote viewing project. They couldn’t find enough examples of someone who could use the techniques and not screen.

The Russians had a lot of success in Soviet times? The soviets used drug assistance which wasn’t considered acceptable in American trials. The government funded para-psyche studies weren’t considered BS. They just weren’t reliable enough.

They couldn’t have a military mind and an open one together, and the government training seemed to disqualify soldiers from the training. We have lost a lot symbiotic recognition in our modern day. We think too logically. The psychic training seemed to require “aberrant” psychology, often induced in NDE (near death experience) survivors.

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Travis Saunders
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