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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Co-Creation with Spirits in Spirits


There is co creating with specific non-incarnated entities. It is common, and it is the foundation of concepts that motivate things like Japanese filial piety. They work with us all the time. They tend to work more than we do.

The Japanese observe death related religious practices, because they believe they still affect our lives. They weren’t the only ones. If you want to refute a metaphysical view, you can just say it’s cellular memory. The spirit world is not separate from this world, and it’s not so simple as all in or all out. It is actually big and sort of wide spread (though behind the scenes) concept.

It may feel like an entity is a part of you, and yet a different personality with extensive knowledge like intuition given a face. This is psychic embodiment. For example, your animus or masculine spirit could have become an embodiment of your intuition. It is not unheard of. In shamanistic practices they speak of a spirit marriage. The divine marriage is how a shaman is sometimes empowered to work, by marrying or forming an intimate connection with a spirit. There is often a challenge from such an intimate guide. but it seems more threatening than it is. It gets interpreted too literally by most, but death visions are common for shamans. Death and rebirth.

It could also be channeling. Channeling is much more than being a mouthpiece. Often they look for construct to manifest, thus the use of imagery and names in conjuration or a vessel in rare cases. You can channel without being a mouthpiece, my case in point.

The Taoists spoke of the temples in the aura. The chakras, but they believed spirits could inhabit these.  There is a whole range of phenomenon.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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