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The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly, then you see life differently.

It’s Not Pointless in Futility


Futility is not even entropy. Futility is wasted energy, gradually decreasing. Entropy is gradually increasing energy. Pointing at the supposed inevitability of decay as an explanation for why we should just tolerate a sense of futility is even logically invalid, let alone intuitively a crock.

Nothing is futile if you have the experience? Nothing is futile if you have the experience of self, and in experiencing the world in ourselves we can likewise experience ourselves in the world. There can be no limit to the inspiration if we see the world that way.

The making lemonade out of life handing you lemons attitude? Hmm, actually I don’t have much use for lemons. Give me road kill, and feces, and ruined buildings.

The world shows us where it can change. Whenever anything “breaks” there is always room for growth. If you embrace the fact of “mortality” (and I don’t mean in a morbid, depressive sense), you can see the pattern behind all these surfaces that gives us the wonder of origination. The power of rebirth. We can have that in our lives, but not by fatalism. Not by refusing to find the meaning in your life, which is a life you share with the whole world. Honestly, whoever said it was your life anyway?

Finding out for yourself how it is that you matter? Exactly, and you find that by engaging life. Not by being told what life is. Your own “holy grail” which is found in the realm of the passions, of the “crazy”, of nature and human “instinct.” You know … that thing we aren’t supposed to have.

We have each of the kingdoms within us. Indeed, any Shaman could have told you that just from experience.

Funny, now animal behaviourists have revised the long held attitude that animals are not self aware. Get close to a cat or dog and you’ll know they must be self aware. They can learn our habits. If they can anticipate the habits of a self aware being, how can they not be self aware themselves?

My kitty meditates with me. Yes. Cats seem to understand meditative practice automatically. This is why in Asia they are so commonly shown in that way.

Why in Egypt they were mummified. Yes. They knew that cats saw, and perhaps saw better than humans in some way.

They love so unconditionally. So do very young humans, until they are taught the conditions. Simple fact, and even a materialist could not logically refute this, it’s basically the butterfly effect. Your being is a field of events, both material and psychological, and there is no real separation. The events both arise from stimuli in the environment, and from no current scientifically known source.

I offer that external stimuli are intelligible because the inner source and the outer order are one, and we can no more make sense of the order of material things from a superficial view than we can understand immaterial or “spiritual” things by just staring at symbols.

Synergy. A car is more than the sum of its parts. All spirituality is awareness of and recognition of this synergistic relationship. There is an “invisible” world, but it’s not somewhere out in outer space, and it’s not confined to the experiences of scientists. It’s right here available to a holistic mind, easily perceived.

So the invisible world of purpose? Yes, and mind. Intelligence. If you look for a reason for intelligence in matter you won’t find it, but you will find the intelligible in matter.

It’s a mirror? Matter is a mirror of the observer, yes.

Futility is a distinctly human thing, but it isn’t just a burden. This weakness comes because we have another potential strength. We can choose on the level of purpose. So any little notion you have, it’s not pointless. Any subtle feeling you experience, it’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane. Things will if anything clear up. You might go a little bit crazy with all the potential you have though. You might get very busy living.

So, does anything have to be futile? No.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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