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We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

We Matter in Futility


We need to feel like we matter. A well respected psychologist by the last name of Maslow said this. He was the first to look for a model of healthy, high functioning mentality.

They think “mattering” is something you have when you have money. Yet we live in a system that can only really function well by invalidating the individual, and then medicating them and making them pay for it when they get depressed.

If people feel like they make a difference, the money isn’t so important. Indeed. Volunteer services don’t really lack for personnel, and it can be surprising to see who volunteers.

There isn’t enough medication in the world when you feel like you don’t matter. And we get the “you don’t matter” message constantly, even from people who mean well. Because they think they need the system to be stable in order for them to survive.

Just another brick in the wall. Yet bricks make the whole wall stand. Indeed.

Society sends it out all the time. It’s what advertising is all about: Use this product if you want to “matter”. Yes, be a passive object of fad, a materialists billboard. You have to wear the right color or pattern, have the right amount of jewellery, but who decides this?

  • People keep chasing a futile goal for sure. Yes. What becomes of us if we get all the status symbols?
  • Celebrities sort of set all of that off. We buy that outfit cause Jennifer Aniston wears it.
  • Good question. It gets to the point where the source becomes obscure.
  • It’s important to learn in life to balance the impulses around you. I am still learning.
  • Society, business execs, politicians.

All true, and well… Jennifer Aniston wears it because she’s paid to.

What we need are some real heroes, not false idols. Indeed, but heroes aren’t necessarily producers so they don’t have public respect most often. Even some of the big successes in this system became that way because they did an “idiot” thing. People thought Gates was a loon, and now almost all of our computers use his product.

Teachers used to be heroes, but they are worn out and not respected for what they do, so they give up. They feel like what they do is futile. That’s true, and it’s become a teaching “industry”. They aren’t allowed to think. Just program those young biological resources to be good components in the machine.

I was a creative scientist, and the more “organized” scientists were really threatened by my way of doing things. I am mostly just a metaphysician and it doesn’t have a place in industry, but I can see clearly those patterns in the work place.

Take the logical path they said, or else! Do it the way it’s always been done. There is the implied threat, though some of sciences biggest discoveries were intuitive/accidental. Not a wit of logic in them.

Check out Einstein! Indeed. His big work was done in his imagination. Just daydreaming, and he changed the whole world.

Logics place really is after the fact. We get an insight and then go backwards to see if there is logic in it. Unfortunately people don’t understand this is logics place. Serve insight. It isn’t itself insight.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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