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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Chaotic Forces in Chaos


You cannot generate the chaotic forces, these “strange attractors”, but you can merge with them. A strange attractor is an observable repeating pattern that might even seem acausal, but is enduring despite our failure to see causes for it. Thus all idealism seems to fail, and “how it should work” never seems to match up with how it does work. There have been a lot of metaphors for merging with these chaotic factors. “Dancing with Shiva” and “Joking with Coyote” just being two. Normal humans don’t find Coyotes jokes funny, but if you would use his power you have to joke with him anyway.

Or joking with Loki. Yes, works with Loki also. He is chaos. This is why the “Gods of Order” couldn’t destroy Loki. He is linked more closely to the power that fuels everything than they are.

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Who is the God of Order? Odin would be one of them, as would Zeus of the Greek pantheon. Chaos is why they always prophecy an apocalypse. All it is, is the observation that old orders break down and new ones are born. The phoenix effect.

The more order that manifests, it appears the more unstable it becomes. You can intuitively predict the collapse. Yes, because competing orders create more turmoil in the chaos.

Any metaphysical work to be strong has to allow for complexity. This is why there is any point to using the colors and sounds, and incense, and all that in the first place. You are sampling external systems to affect your personal system. Example. Anything red is energetic and active. This is even backed up a lot in science. So you use red to add some extra energy, and thus chaos, to your system when you feel a condition has to “break down”. Metaphorically, fire burns the undesired state away.

Magic is fundamentally the application of chaotic forces? One side of magick is, yes. The other side is actually strategic empathy. But then they call that religion or spirituality. Either way, thaumaturgy happens, or at least can. Thaumaturgy = miracle working. Life is a rule of chaos, because in fact, life exists in primacy to the state we call chaos.

In the beginning was the light of life, and then was the sound and fury that would be the energy that we structure into matter, but either path can be valid.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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