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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Using Chaos in Chaos


How to use chaos? Feel ready for that? Chaotically. Excellent.

Chaos is a dialogue. Just because it hasn’t made sense to you yet, doesn’t mean it can’t. In fact, chaos is the reason why two people can report success in their practices and not seem to agree at all on how it is done, like performing a healing. And free will applies to this, but it isn’t the absolute rule behind it.

The way it makes sense to one person isn’t the same way it will make sense to another person. That’s true. Two factors are at play behind your connections in chaos, and they will shape the consequence of the exact same action performed by you (at least in subtly different ways) than it would shape it for someone else. 1) Circumstances of your incarnation. 2) Enactment.

In one is the circumstances of your incarnation. People hate this part, but the forces that were at play when your event horizon manifested in this system do mark you, and your liking or disliking of them doesn’t matter. But you can choose to not waste any time and energy fighting your own being.

Chaos factors at the time of birth embedded and solidified in our matter? And echo as long as you live. If they were interfered with, you would die. In fact, it’s why you do die. Increasing entropy or “normalization” of energy. It all evens out, and those chaos thumb prints are washed away in the tide. Your Gordian knot is severed. The Gordian knot was the legendary knot that if unravelled would foretell the emperor of the world. But to explain further, the circumstances not only of your genetics, but your parents habits and activity pattern, permanently mark your energy and even factors outside of your parental pairing.

You have shape, form, an energy signature that you can’t escape from? Like your astrology sign or blood type. The observations that make these valid are part of your “chaos signature”, but they aren’t what matters most to you as an individual. They come together to mark you with certain talents. They link you to certain “themes” or metaphysical forces beyond your choosing, and thus life can seem annoyingly repetitive.

You get those talents from your parents? Not strictly from them, but they are a strong factor, yes. No matter what your talents are though, all patterns, be they ones you desire or ones you would want to avoid, are enmeshed in you as much as they are in any other.

Let’s say chaos magick is your talent. If chaos magick were your talent, your life would be marked by chaos, a universal instability. Though people are not necessarily single talent creatures, so it isn’t necessarily that clear, but the chaos trend would be strong with someone having a talent for chaos magic. Maybe it sounds like I’m babbling nonsense, that’s chaos too.

The energy of chaos is strong in this hypothetical person, and if uncontrolled they are ruled by it. They can even be made insane for having all evidence of a personality washed away for lack of control. Many a chaos mage is in an insane asylum, but with just a bit of understanding they realize rather than controlling the chaos or trying to eliminate it, that they can work with it. Move in it and even use “fire to fight fire”. Generate chaos to reduce the chaos in their lives.

That kind of magick takes a special kind of person to use it and not go insane. That’s true, but chaos principles applies to all magicks, all talents in general.

What the second factor is, is “enactment”. The great will. Acts of will taken in the context of the chaos itself. Enactment is the focusing. It reduces randomness, but people fear this focusing. They think it will take their power away. I guess they prefer to feel power that they don’t interact with and can’t control. For some, they just practice strategic empathy, and become the religious savants we often call “saints”.

Saints are rare, and their sainthood consumes their whole life. People think they would want that state, but I assure you would not unless of your nature you are meant for it. For the rest of us, it’s just a matter of using what we have, to do what we want.

I agree, with caveats. There are always caveats. Care to share? My personal caveats? Ah, only if you want to, but you actually just shared something vital anyway. Personal caveats. Taboos to the Hawaiians, geasa to others, they have gone by a lot of names, but yes. They are something you learn about as you struggle with the chaos in whatever way is yours to do so.

Mine are hard won and well earned. But even so, they remain flexible. Oh yes, they serve. Though some don’t see that until it’s too late. Theoretically too late. That’s never a literal truth. Let’s say they don’t see it till they suffer a lot, and this is not necessary.

They do, however, impact beyond our own lifetimes. An unheeded caveat. Forever, in fact. Yes, because your actual soul carries over as do your talents. It’s what determines the timing of your next incarnation.

And the chaos that unwise action left in its wake. That energy is universal and omnipresent. You will have to eat your own dust, swim in your own wake.

And it expands beyond our planet. Our actions matter to all matter. Yes. Doesn’t really matter where you go.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. DS

    Great article and website. I feel, like some writers have pointed out, that through enlightenment one can be freed from external influences, whose very existence points to a system of control. Belief in Karma itself never did anything good for the Indian society. As stated, very insightful site, rock on.

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