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What is Creativity? in Creativity


Today we are talking about creativity so first we need to put it out there. What is creativity?


There is no wrong answer to this question.

New connections and novelty.

Making something.

Connection with spirit expressed outwardly.

Invention and stimulation.

Where does creativity come from? What makes it possible?



Soul/spirit/inner voice.


From within.

All true. Can we create in a void?

Not as well.

No, it needs to mix things.

Something can.

I shall offer a model, and I would also put forth that nothing really does or can create in a void. There never was a void to create in in the first place.

I think we are idea processors like a food processor, grinding up ideas, mixing and matching elements to synergize and spit out something original.

I learned in writing that there are no new stories really, just different ways to tell the same ones.

The world is like a huge ongoing sound. Some originally saw this as the voice of god. Physicists consider it to be a field of information. Our ancestors even had no word for creativity. To their thinking it was a form of discovery, and later even seen as the process of divine revelation. The imagination and a shamans spirit vision were the same thing. Only in a relatively short span of time have we come to see it as a personal ability. What made us change our view?

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Cultural changes.

I think we are each individual filters. Like a light filter, the light looks different depending on what you shine it through.

The renaissance, a time of rebelling against the old. The world as they new it had become destabilized. Are we very often creative in stable conditions?

Not usually.

Depends on what form of creativity.

Often by crisis.

Even now we still speak of creativity being inspired by something. Inspiration is innately disturbing is it not? It is perhaps the original meaning of the phrase, “Oh my god!”

Disruptive. Indeed, any wildly innovative technology is described as disruptive these days.

Meditation opens us to creativity too.

Military creative comes about during war, but during peace and prosperity does artist creativity flourish because the people don’t have to worry about starving or being murdered.

We even have the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Does the artists creativity arise from personal peace?

It can, yes. I have never heard of it. Care to share an example? Every artists story I have ever read or heard of described a restless person.

In my mind, it often arises from unrest and feeling driven to express something inside.

Still waters bring visions from within which are then expressed. Permit them, yes. Still waters lead to one of the deepest forms of disturbance, boredom. Can we as a species tolerate a changeless world?

Sometimes you just like to paint pretty things. What makes someone want to paint what they can just look at? The eye is disturbed by sight. The heart is disturbed by a cry. This is so true as to be described in the worlds oldest literature, and they seek at first to turn a seeker away from these disturbances.

Nobody can see through our eyes. If we paint or create something that others can see, then they have a chance to share the way we see something. So we are disturbed in that case by isolation. The isolation or singular nature of our perceptions.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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