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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Relationship with You in Nonsense


Do you know how to have a relationship with you? Do you think yourself likes you very much? Or even that yourself knows you very well?

I contain multitudes…. and they are of mixed opinions about loving “us.”

My self is angry at not being taken care of. Actually, she’s angry at having her posts ignored. You have flagged her as spam. Otherwise, your self is a pretty cool person, pretty tolerant, and awfully cooperative.

I’m finding it difficult to filter the spam, so I notice it. Ah, excellent, she will take that I’m certain. At least she’s getting through. When actual dialogue begins, then you will be making genuine sense. What do you think?

Drastic things make sense. You talk with her through your actions, like semafore. This is what registers on your hippocampus, the seat of memory, and your deepest imagination.

My drastic thoughts when to leave the body I’m in. Then I think about it and know that isn’t the answer yet. Indeed, not yet. Granny will let you know, and you are not granny.

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Instead, I got an exercise bike. Excellent, use it very little.

I use it every other day. Excellent. How do you feel about that?

Good. Are you sure you feel good?

I’m unsure I can keep it in a routine, so not always good. Ah, defeat all routines, break them all. You think you don’t like routine. I would say you aren’t in touch with routine. You don’t yet have a sense of routine or why it even occurs in your life.

I feel good when my blood is pumping. I like routine if it makes progress. Progress? I honestly don’t know what that is.

When I see results. Ah, everything gives results. You get tired don’t you?

Yes. Then you must enjoy it?

Yes. Excellent.

I love being tired after a good walk or after sex. Yes. It can be a very relaxing feeling. The only problem you have is expectation, so have none. My wife is struggling with expectation also. It’s been making her very sad and frustrated. Expecting her body to do what it use to. She is trying to do her recovery. You can’t do recovery, can only be it.

So just walk and bike because I like it. Yes, exactly. Well, I don’t go out to gyms because they don’t make me feel good, to have people phoning me and nagging.

Ignore phoning, ignore nagging, unless you find it entertaining. I enjoy some nagging. It’s really amusing how some people whine and what they whine about. I have been tempted to whine about someone elses problems. Why don’t people do that? It takes some attention to get to know their problems, admittedly, but it must be great fun? Isn’t it?

You enjoying being nagged or doing the nagging? Being nagged. Nagging is boring, too much work and generally unpleasant.

You’d like Pinocchio with all of his why’s. Yes. He dances quite well, so does everyone else who nags.

I guess it’s why we can forgive nagging kids so easily. Yes.

So naggers are good dancers? They are. Ever watch them moon walk out of something they said?

And giving in to their nag isn’t a bad thing? Not a bad thing if there is anything useful to what they said, even a child. If you were going to give it to them anyway, or do it for them anyway, it’s just egotism to withhold it.

Parents sometimes feel guilty, so why do they? If you were never going to give it to them, then it’s treachery to give it to them after nagging. You betray them. People use promises to manipulate more often than not. I use them to communicate. They are just statements of intention. Sometimes they even sound like threats, or I don’t make promises at all. Promise = I mean it. If it’s a threat, I am informing the person that I have lost the ability to be reasonable with them, otherwise it’s an affirmation of my friendship, loyalty, or love. This phrase “I love you’, is a promise. I make it to my wife daily, sometimes frequently throughout the day, otherwise I wouldn’t say it.

You make promises to yourself all the time, many of which you unfortunately keep. You don’t realize them for being the threats they are.

How do you get what you want if you don’t say what you will and won’t do? It’s that last part, the attention to what you won’t do. It takes too much time and energy, much too distracting.

If I want a baby I need to drop some weight to get my system back on track. Then that is something you will do. You don’t even need the if. You will drop weight so you can have a child. It doesn’t even need a single purpose. The more the merrier as far as purposes go, but you don’t need the “don’t do” element of it.

Actually, a little correction is needed. There is such a thing as a comfortable number of purposes. Too many can get in the way, again being too distracting. The reason you need to ignore what you won’t do is because it adds an unrelated purpose which is often even a purpose that runs counter to what you do want.

My wife is familiar with how I handle my own wants. In your words how would you say I manage my desires?

Act on them as they come up. There is a reason I won’t act on a desire as it comes up. I do more often than not, just act on my desires, but sometimes I want the delay so I act on that.

The anticipation can be just as pleasurable. There can even be problem solving. So yes, desires will be a future topic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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