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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Fuckitall in Nonsense


We need more nonsense. We need those who are struggling to make sense to others. They know why they are struggling. For every person you question, there is an opportunity to recognize your own sense and how your habitual thinking blinds you from that. Shall I go deep?

Your afterlife… You are living it right now. The nu complex, that baseline signal your whole body does everything it can to preserve, it also layers every instinct on top of that. This is why near death experiences seem so dramatic, but it does not ignore your memory. The core life drive demands the memory, the conscious memory, be accounted for, but it has to be assimilated, digested, and can lead to a condition perhaps not unlike an upset stomach, spiritual crisis, a dark night of the soul, existential angst. Are they really any different?

Conflictedness? Yes.

We all have that jagged little pill swimming in our stomach. I think it was George Carlin that even gave it a brand name. Pardon the adult language. We have all swallowed fuckitall and we were promised that it would cure everything. They are still pushing it, new and improved fuckitall, now with less stimulation, added numbness. So why do we get to this point? Why do we buy it?

It seems to make “sense”? Is it honestly “real life”? We need to vomit up the pill, spew our nonsense all over the porcelain god. Do you know the porcelain god? Insert name of super model, or attractive celeb here. It’s why we use to make dolls out of porcelain, and the new flesh dolls are just as fragile. They break themselves.

That explains why I often have dreams that involve bathrooms and porcelain gods. They are about getting rid of waste. And such a waste.

We call our natural sense nonsense, and call absurd nonsense real life. I offer that you learn more from anything you struggle to say than anything you say clearly and easily. So yes, some people learn a very great deal, and the most profound things I have ever heard have often been stammered out and often by young people.

I tend to change my mind about saying anything rather than stammer with it.

Do you know who the biggest and best bullshit artists are?

Preachers? Philosophers? Politicians? Salesmen? Presidents? The worlds wealthy, most innovative people, and most influential leaders. This is what we fear to be when you fear your own nonsense.

Cheaters nearly always prosper. No. Cheaters don’t count. Cheaters have to make sense.

But are we worse for buying the BS? I don’t buy it. I just rent it for a while. You are worse off for outsourcing your BS and not being selective in your fecal matter transplant. You need high quality bullshit, and the quality control is naturally questionable if you don’t participate consciously. This is why the banksters and politicians are struggling so badly now. They got tired and began overlooking their need to make sense so now there is all sorts of chaos going on. As long as the politicians and stock brokers were vigilant about their sense making, people were willing to overlook their cents making at our expense, but they came to count on it being accepted as “real life”, and too many people are beginning to see the unreality of all that.

I love cents-making… Nothing wrong with cents making. Fair trade is admirable. If you want something I have and I want something you have, than an agreeable swap is a good citizenship, even a kindness. Otherwise, we are both stuck struggling with something we shouldn’t arguable have to. Cooperation is very good, but does “making sense” help us do that?

We can all get behind the same thing pretty easily, even if it doesn’t make publicly sanctioned sense. Do we need to it make “rational” sense? What does it mean for something to make rational sense?

In a trade, the only opinions that matter are the two people making the trade like in any relationship. Indeed. We need to respect the simple consensus before we stand a chance in hell of arriving at a really workable complex consensus.

Gay marriage. straight marriage, non-marriage. These are all forms of simple consensus. Why are they in any way problems? I admire George Takei. I don’t know much about his husband, and I am not worried about it.

They are problems to the ones who think too much. Yes, the thinking without listening. The thinking instead of feeling, instead of experiencing the genuine self.

I’m liking the stance the new Pope is taking, getting back to caring about the person instead of their deeds. Yes. So far I have found a good number of things to admire about Pope Francis.

“Let’s stop fixating on the small stuff.” Yes. I don’t recall any Pope before bothering with the subject of income inequality.

Says the man who travels around the world in a never ending parade like he’s the Lion King. His church requires some ritual from him, and he minimizes that. He refuses to live in the papal suites.

Finally a Pope that actually follows the teachings of their messiah.

He loves tech. I’m sure he has a Facebook page. Yes, spiritual service is social service. Why not use social networking?

He’s cool. No question about that, but I have a woman friend who has tried for five decades to become ordained to no avail. Some things happen in time. He may want to drop all the nonsense, but he still has to shepard his community from where it’s at.

Praying is social networking isn’t it? Praying is in a sense social networking, yes. People need more intrasocial networking, and prayer can help with that as well. Meditation as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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