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Relationship Of Psionic And Arcane Energies in Wireless Brain

Wireless Brain

What about the overlap between psionic energies and arcane energies. Can each manipulate the other? The laws of metaphysics are like the laws of physics, and all things that take any sort of form have their root in the same principles. Like diet and complex factors affecting genetic heredity.

So a parallel is how magnetic energy and electrical energy are coupled? Fine example. You can form no thought outside of fundamentally metaphysical principles. But there are metaphysical forces at work that don’t manifest in a way that we would recognize as mental. When it comes down to it, what matters on a human level are those forces, both metaphysical and psionic, that have an impact on human experience and function. What falls within the real of human potential.

It could be argued that people actually have two realms of sensory experience, the cognitive, and another that is more fundamental perhaps but still available to intuition. Because the non-cognitive manifests in our physical and causative make-up forming a sort of web of probability that is every bit as much a part of our being as our bodies and minds. Both the causative and the cognitive realms constantly influence each other, and thus we can actually learn from experience. But which structure is most intelligible to us may differ greatly.

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On the one hand, you have what has to date been the domain of religion and magic. Where you feel the web of probability and the intelligence in it. And in the case of religion ascribe a personality to be worshipped to it, and in the case of magick postulate principles or theories of mechanism to the exchanges of energy in this system. Where as in the psychic/psionic realm you confine your focus to self reflection and perceptual patterns as they affect your personal energy and behaviour. You are affecting the same world either way.

Now one thing I have noticed, and one of the things that troubles me in my efforts to pursue my own development, is there seems to be a point of non-equivalence between the two. Disagreement. If you have become strongly attuned to the web of probability, it bends your mind away from psychic sensitivity, and if you are strongly focused in the realm of consciousness, you lose sensitivity and responsiveness to parts of your being that don’t directly support awareness.

My mind keeps going to the electrical/magnetic analogy where I think they’re balanced. Magnetic charge creates electrical flow which creates magnetic field. They are balanced in that they settle out in the exchange of energy, but they maintain a more dynamic rather than static equilibrium.

Of course I guess there are losses there. Otherwise the sought after perpetual energy machine would have been solved. There are losses, and thus the power of the mind can’t actually break reality and the forces of reality can’t drown out free will in mechanistic influence.

Maybe that’s why there is the non-equivalence that you mentioned. Otherwise the two kept closer to balance would cause a decay to nothing over time? Exactly. This is perhaps why historically there have always been intuitive people, and then a different set that people describe as “touched”, or to use the original sense of the Norse word “weird”. Weird meaning fated or linked to the web of fate in a stronger way.

To the arcane? Yes. The proverbial witches mark, even if no physical mark is in visible evidence.

So you can’t have both strong in one person. It needs different energy sources (people) to operate one or the other but not both? Yes. They are symbiotic, but not identical.

Electrical analogy again, people are poles. The electrical metaphor works quite well.

Two poles touching (in one person) shorts out the circuit. Yes, driving the person insane. Turning the power of their own mind against them, or in more direct cases just killing them. This is why if you are around a neurotic, things seem to swing between freakishly dramatic events and really distressful emotional trauma. They are a locus or singularity of energies that makes them, and potentially you, feel like you are being torn apart. This can be remedied, but not by current conventional methods.

I met someone who I later found out was schizophrenic, and that sounds like him. I literally don’t want to touch them, like I sense a short. They can be grounded again. Perhaps recent advances in medicine will allow metaphysical balancing, or recent advances in brain imaging allow grounding as a form of psionic training. It would likely differ from person to person, though more cases of the psionic than the metaphysical.

Bio feedback? Bio-feedback would curb panic induced hallucinations.

I’m reminded of Kurt Vonnegut’s story in which causes of mental illness could be seen in the forth dimension, and just needed a minor adjustment to set things right. We just couldn’t see it here. This is true. The fourth dimension does reveal much of the metaphysical structure of our world, but I must point out only the tip of the iceberg. It goes much deeper.

Another six dimensions, I think? And the ground field. The zero point is always ignored, but it’s easier to talk about structure in this plane with this language. If I made mention of metaphysical echo mapping and tried to explain it… Well, I would likely choke on my own words.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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