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Mind Has Rhythms in Stillness


Stillness. I don’t think people know it very well. I know it well, but only because of how nature “favoured” me. Autism prevents much of that internal turmoil from ever forming, but it also blocks my being able to share well in human experience. Stillness is possible for everyone though.

I’m not so sure the non autistics share well in their human experience either. I have been learning that. My wife has been willing to explain a fair bit to me, and patiently.

Buddhism advocates this stillness. Meditation, practicing, same. Yes, because it is pure spirit.

You hear much of defeating the ego, and how that is supposedly so uplifting. I strongly disagree. Ego stated most simply is self image, and a mind in turmoil naturally reflects a twisted self image.

Stillness and center seem to be the same thing , yes? Yes. Stillness is the eye of calm in the center of the storm, without which the storm can’t actually achieve the power it has. Human beings reject the very font of their own spiritual, emotional, and even physical strength. Stillness.

To use the organic heart for a metaphor, it needs its action moments. These have to happen when the muscle contracts. But without its still points your heart weakens, and if that goes on too long you die. They call a restless heart a heart attack. The restless mind is just as prone to mind attack as the heart is to heart attack. But when you have a mind attack, they find fault with your character. How will this help anyone? Ego is often equated with selfishness, as well as other negative emotions. You help someone find their stillness by attacking that same stillness? If you are not having a heart attack and I take shock paddles to your chest, what will happen? It can induce heart attack. When you take an aggressive interfering attitude to someone having a mind attack, how can it stand any chance of helping them return to stillness?

This reminds me of a book I have called Serenity. Find it by listening softly inwardly and learning to dismiss any thoughts that come as just thoughts and let them pass. It’s good advice. The mind has rhythms just like the heart, just not as mechanical or slow, but it still has them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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