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Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

Between Thinking And Being in Stillness


Is there a discordance between “sense” and situation? There is, yes. Situation is an opinion, a rigid pattern, a shell. Sense is music.

Consider a loved one. If you try to understand them, what do you understand?

What I can sense from them? Can you sense and try to understand?

You understand what you perceive? You understand what you think. You force your sense to match your thinking. That is what passes for perception. You consider that you have learned from experience, but can you learn a moment from experience? Have you learned this moment by heart?

The world becomes fixed. All is object. Yes. Including people, including self, and in a world where all is mechanism, there can be nothing but the work the machine does. But now consider the reality, does the world work? If so, what is its purpose? It would be intriguing to learn.

So, who are you? I am here. Is that who I am now? I feel well. Is that who I am now? If in ten minutes I do not feel well, have I transformed?

I am what I perceive/sense now. You are what you sense? What is it that you can sense? What does it mean that you can sense?

Touch, muscle tension, emotion. Whatever you perceive through the six senses. Can you both sense and think that you sense? Can you both sense and think that you perceive? Not without distortion.

There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness. While your mind is busy being thinky, can your eye see clearly?

I am that which observes the I am? You are that and more. Can you think about your loved one and really pay attention to this text?

No. Not fully. I want to force my mind patterns onto what I see and hear. There is another way, can you see and hear at the same time?

Yes, but I do hear better with my glasses on. I would agree with you. How is that possible? How do you do it?

Due to the way the body is designed. It’s what the body does. It’s what the way in you does. It’s the way that gave rise to your very existence. You forget that you exist in the name of thinking. You forget that you live in the name of being. You believe that you have to think and be things, but you didn’t know or do things before? You don’t know things and exist between all this thinking and being?

What if thinking is a sense, and being an art? Would you have to have them? If you lost your eyesight right now, would you die? Do people who lose their minds, so to speak, die? If not, how would you survive?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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