We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

Witness In Stillness in Stillness


In stillness, the blind find their way. In stillness, the deaf come to know the world. What if changes of mind are no different? If changes of mind are no different, does your insistence on any one way of being make sense? How does anything make sense?

“Sense” is a narrow way of thinking. Or very broad.

Things only make sense because we share an agreement that they make sense. Actually, things make much more sense when we sense things. Agreements get in the way. Sometimes that’s good. You want that wall between the road and going off the side of the cliff when driving, do you not? So some agreement is good for us, but we have more than some. Has it kept us safe? They say it will. They say they are doing it for us, do they not? It’s so we don’t have to sense things. We don’t have to know things. How will we grow then?

Well… “They” say many things. True. They keep us swamped with noise. Nike. Prada. Gucci. They don’t want you to be still. Why is that? Does being still mean you can’t have nice clothes? Being still means you will actually have the nice clothes, instead of them having you.

Do you have to think? What if you be still and just have thoughts? Do you have to feel? What if you just be still and feel? Have the feelings. How would you behave if you had feelings instead of trying to be a feeling person? What would life be like? Can you have anger and be kind to someone? Can you be angry and be kind to someone?

I have an almost constant frustration. For those who know me, am I in any way unkind? Am I uncaring or dishonest? No. How is this possible?

You chose this. Yes, and I chose in stillness. I chose from my inner being. I chose from the witness self, if you will. I can witness anything and have witnessed many things. Can you witness something and think about it at the same time? How do you witness anything other than your thoughts? Can you witness something and have thoughts about it?

You can witness through your senses, through your feelings. Yes, indeed you can. That is how those experiences are meant to be, and thought is the same. While you witness you can have countless thoughts, but what happens when you do the behaviour people call “thinking”?

But it seems to take effort to control the thoughts. I guess we’re conditioned to thought dominance? Everyone says “think about it”. It does not take effort. Your effort… What is effort?

When we “think”, we try to make sense of the feelings and sensory inputs. When you have thoughts your brain provides you with sense about the senses, and it’s usually pretty clear, no? Until you start thinking about it that is. Have you never thought yourself senseless?

Like when we start thinking about walking and trip ourselves.
Yes. Thought until I’m thinking in circles.

When you have to do it right, you start doing whatever you think is right. How well does that usually go?

Some things are too hard if you think about them, but easy if you don’t.
Many things we never do because we think about them.

Have you had more thoughts than you could handle when you weren’t busy trying to think? No. Isn’t not being overwhelmed much more functional? You can trust your thoughts as well as you trust your senses. If you don’t get caught up in trying to think, you can trust your actions as much as you trust your body to keep living. As long as you don’t keep trying to be, you are.

Although when I am tired and can’t think at all, I do screw up. When you are tired you need stillness even more, but you need stillness even while you are awake. You sleep in part so that your life has any chance at all of making sense. But if you witness in stillness then you can choose consciously, perhaps for the first time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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