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Life is lived in moments.

What Is Stillness? in Stillness


There is a passage from the Bible. The words of Jesus to his apostles when they were aboard a boat on the storm tossed sea. All of the apostles were trying to figure out what they should do. Each having a different notion of what was wise or if they could do anything at all. Eventually one got the idea of going below decks to wake their master. He was undisturbed by the storm, but perplexed at his students behaviours. He considered everything they had to say, and had but a single response at first. He said to all presences “Peace, be still”, and the storm calmed itself.

Today’s topic is stillness, and while we may not be capable of such a feat as described in that story, we can still work miracles if you will.

So, what is stillness to you my friends?

For me stillness is quieting my inner self.
Being centered.

For a moment, reflect on how you are now. Consider right now, are there any disturbances right now this moment?

Always. Like mosquitoes buzzing around me. Events for certain. Are there problems? What is a problem?

Something to solve/fix. What is broken?

Oh, just my idea of what it should be. Noise, the opposite of stillness.

Stillness is not being motionless. You cannot be motionless. Rest as carefully as you can. The world is still turning under your body. The wind still blowing over you. The heart beats and the lungs breath. Your stomach churns. Where is there anywhere that is without motion? Your brain creates sense. Do you have to make it do so?

Even thoughts move. And they move without your bidding. If you let your brain make sense as it is in its nature to do, where are the problems?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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