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Death is an illusion. Every atom in your body is immortal. After is illusory. After is an afterthought when you weren’t otherwise paying attention. “Don’t be afraid.” “You die now.” Living death? Better than the alternative. I would rather live death than die my life. I died yesterday and the day before. I never felt so alive.

The Grand Pattern in Manifestation


Often people get stuck on the static. Our society, on the other hand, is stuck on the notion of ongoing growth and it’s damaging. The whole economy is addicted to growth. They don’t know growth. They call progressive fossilization growth. Progressive fossilization has another name. It’s called death. A human body doesn’t always even decay. In uncommon instances, the fat of the corpse renders in such a way that the body becomes what they call a “soap mummy”. Is that a success? If so, I will take failure, thank you very much.

The only growth is the proper movement with the life force. The manifest life is not your life. It’s not my life either. It’s life as a whole like the giant cosmic dust storm we call our galaxy, eternally wheeling and collapsing only to disperse again later as the dynamic needs it to.

The economy forces one direction in the cycle which makes the other direction more extreme when it happens. Just as people do personally, I’d say. Yes. That is a fine consensus reality example.

Now, as true as my statement may be, it’s not a rationale for fatalism. Far from it. The manifest life manifested you and manifests through you. Every feeling you have, every desire or dream, every talent you would express, these are part of the grand pattern of the manifest life energy, and you will have life most vibrantly and with the greatest prosperity and harmony if you fulfill these traits of your nature.

Where people get manifestation wrong is they think it’s like arm wrestling. They think if they are strong enough they can wrestle the greater life into consenting and giving them what they want. You can’t be strong enough. You can’t be good enough. These ideas are human ignorance. The universe has given you all the power you could even begin to fathom using. Why it hasn’t manifested is you have been ignoring it, and you ignored it for the sake of “stability”. You felt you had to be “real”. That this existence had a right to be convincing.

I admit, at times I have envied those who could be convinced by this fever dream. It can be murder living among the walking dead and not speaking the language. It‘s very hard to wake the dead, and I’m not sure I have the strength to make enough noise. But, there are others. People who intuit something more to reality, for whom tradition and expectation just don’t ever settle comfortably. Who can’t bring themselves in their heart of hearts to accept “comfortably numb” as a substitute for a full life. The manifest life is fully possible. It’s just living a life where you are awake to the fact that “YOU” ARE ALIVE. Not seeking to escape in self righteous sanctity or some agape-esque ecstasy where you will transcend the ego and have no further responsibility for this reality that you can somehow leave behind.

Example. If the world properly ordered itself according to one of the traditional belief systems, then it would be necessary for us to do all we could to manifest its truths in reality. I will give the faithful credit. They actually did do all they could to manifest the truths of their dogma. What has it given us?

Division. A complex. Has it given us anything good?

Yes, but mostly no. What yes? Structure. That in defiance of the natural balance is death, and not in any way good.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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