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Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

You Are It in Manifestation


Today we are talking about the manifest life. Not about the practice of manifestation, because that’s not really limited to any one practice. The power of prayer is as valid as anything else for the purpose of manifestation. In fact, part of the manifest life is looking at those practices you use to keep yourself feeling “normal”, and we all have something.

Some people express the opinion they cannot manifest. It’s the same as saying they don’t know how to exist.

All that exists, exists as a process of manifestation. The Taoist mutual arising, other concepts fit just as well, but you are in physical existence at all as a process of manifestation. As far as our medical science goes, it’s even a bit mysterious that humans can carry their young to full gestation at all, or in fact, even effectively conceive. There are a lot of mysteries in nature like that. How a bumblebee can fly at all, or how we can manage to walk as fast as we do and not trip and fall constantly. Yet as strange as all these things seem, they all still happen and are a part of the greater order.

That’s one of my symbols for miracle, bumblebee. It’s a good symbol.

So, what is the manifest life? Well, very simply, it’s your life. But the process of manifestation… Well, my friends, I will ask you, does it run smoothly?

Sometimes. Sometimes when I least expect it. Yes, actually sometimes, and for those people who it runs more smoothly for, they are usually marked as highly unusual people. Their lives are very dynamic. They are sometimes accused of not really having a center, falsely I might add.

The process of manifestation has taught me great patience. Excellent. Patience with ones heart beat does allow it to beat most easily. Does wonders for your wholeness and health. This is part of why people think they can’t manifest. They think it involves causing something to happen “outside” of themselves, but I ask you. What can you cause to happen outside of yourself, at least without any intermediary? Anything?

It is cause and effect? Cause and effect is impossible to substantiate in any absolute sense, because cause and effect cannot be separated. And not for our lack of trying, we haven’t had any luck distilling a first cause that doesn’t sound like something mystical and unscientific.

If “self” is incorporeal, and intermediary is “physical”, then nothing. My physical form is an effect of a joint manifested will. And all that you have, you inherit. You borrow. The movie Avatar was quite right though they didn’t go into it with much depth.

If we reincarnate in a family line, we pass it down to ourselves. Yes, and actually even if you don’t. The forms that human genes take are actually quite limited. The degree of deviation between any two people genetically is a mere thirteen percent. We are eighty-seven percent clones of each other, or if you would rather twins. The twins founding civilization symbolism isn’t too far off from the truth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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