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Meditation can be an invaluable guide in seeing and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation.

Focus Now in Manifestation


How do we manifest the thing we want? What you have to do is focus now. The events, that come about that we call “manifestation”, are not the event that is manifestation. They are an echo, a side effect. The echo never happens if you are too busy brooding on what “is supposed to be” to make the noise. There is no such thing as “supposed to”, beyond the fact that you are real and alive and experiencing things as well as being experienced. This is the closest thing there is to “supposed to be”.

I can tell you what your manifest life is. It’s what happens though you wish it wouldn’t, and it’s what happens that you are surprised ever did and wonder how you “earned it”. Don’t wonder how you earn anything. You don’t earn anything. There is no point in trying to earn anything. When the good arises, it’s because of parts of your nature that allow it. When harm arises, it’s because of parts of your nature that have gone dead, either because of your neglect or because of harmful experience you sustained, but nothing is unchangeable.

You’re saying that sh!@# happens? Yes, and it happens because you have a working biology and you ate something not too long ago. If it happens in a way you feel ok with, it’s because you were willing to pay attention to your bowels and choose a less disgusting way of having it happen. Manifestation is choosing to use the restroom instead of soiling your pants. Manifestation is choosing to actually choose your friends instead of subscribing to some ill considered idea of what it is to be friendly.

Manifestation is choosing to work at something you would want to see done rather than something that will make you “look good” to someone else. Because I promise you it doesn’t make you look any better anyway. If you are a poser and working a “cool” job to look respectable, people will be sneering at you behind your back. If you honestly work to see people fed, then as humble as that might seem, you will be doing real good and even setting yourself up for further opportunities to do real good. Because as you manifest this real side of yourself, people get a chance to see what good you are. Otherwise you get lumped into the unspoken category. We all have it, because honestly it’s true. The posers are useless. You may have had a poser boss, or a poser co-worker, or just a poser service provider. Even if they did some work it was half hearted and very often just a waste of time, if not creating a whole new problem later. Am I being egotistical here, friends? As nasty as this is, is it not true?

If some people begin manifesting, you give other people permission to do the same. Even if they don’t see their chance to really manifest, you will at least give them the contrast which can lead them to question later. Whether they do it sooner or later doesn’t matter, but hopefully it will begin to come faster. We need it, do we not?

If I just engaged in a disturbing rant, you have my sincere apologies. If this gave some useful insight, I’m glad. I will say namaste and mean it, and aloha as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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