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Mind and Magic in Light Practice

Light Practice

Psionics is approaching the world through the cognitive functions. The powers of the mind, and that ability to transcend without loosing the context of physical existence. In psionics you use and develop your personal energy in eastern mysticism called ki or chi, and see how channelling your personal energy can influence the world. Psionics is a relatively new insight and was practiced haphazardly by our ancestors.

The closest thing to any formalized practice of the powers of the mind can be found in eastern philosophy, and was much more erratic in the western. Another example of a mixed practice would be the Greek oracles, or the western saints. There approach is very psychic and transcendent but had the quality of sharply curtailing physical awareness. Thus the phenomenon of spiritual “ecstasy”. They would become so impassioned by their devotion to a god that they would loose themselves in communion, and with the assistance of a priest they were able to convey insights into the function of that presence in their lives.

In the practice of magic you tackle metaphysical forces directly using systems of affinity and understanding of these forces to direct the energy to a desired end, again not connecting or immersing. In channelling you behave if only briefly as one of those forces. You temporarily at least come to embody it.

To summarize, magic and channelling use external forces. Magic at arms length so to speak, and with channelling you direct it through you. Psionics uses personal energy or forces. Which are not separate from the environment in all truthfulness. The fiery energy of the sun is converted by the body into psychic energy, as well as the elemental energy of the water and air and the life of the plants. So these paths are not inferior or superior to each other, but they do differ and behave differently.  For one person psychic techniques might work poorly, but other practices be much more potent.

Consider the paths to be related to each other like the sections of a mandala. There is no real starting point or ending point in a mandala. Just the one world seen from a different view. In psionics you interact with the world through the mirror of the mind. In other practices you see the world differently. Magic is sort of like science and in fact modern science stems from it. Very physical and strongly psychic with limited transcendent elements. In mysticism there is a strong psychic element and a strong transcendent element, but little physical. As I’ve said in a previous post¬†no path lacks any of the three elements, but to emphasize one deemphasizes others. Any focus is legitimate. Like a Zen koan no answer is the one right answer, and they all are. Both statements are true.

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Travis Saunders
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