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We always make a decision. I type these words and you will decide what they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be deliberate. We are conditioned if we aren’t instead mindful. It will happen one way or another.

Practice and the Personal Path in Light Practice

Light Practice

So what do the psychic realms of function mean personally? We all come to a metaphysical or spiritual practice with our essence as it always was, even if we don’t understand our own nature well and often times we engage the first path we come across. Like the very “spiritual” and popular mysticism, and if we find we stumble with it and can’t seem to follow that path well, we dismiss any seeking. Thinking we have no path. This is regrettable and very far from the truth.

Example. Hermetic philosophy has appealed to many famous scientists. It is very rational and gives a metaparadigm for their work that makes sense. But many eschew it because the only thing they ever hear about metaphysics is the new age thought. Many are eschewing any salvationist views no matter how redefined they are, and thus they dismiss any spiritual life of any kind. This is why I place such a heavy emphasis on personal experience and ask others about their experience. There is a real substance under all this, and as much as we like forming our little spiritual clubs, often they do more harm to personal discovery than they help.

Not to say that spiritual groups are bad, quite to the contrary. If like in the discipline of philosophy we focus on an agreement of terms rather than our little spiritual factions, we can learn much of the reality that is the bedrock of it all. You may discover one path that is your personal path, but finding your path doesn’t stop your seeking. You should still look into other paths. The truth of your path can be seen there too, even if their practices differ from yours.

All the religions have principles of psychic/magic/channelling in them, even though many don’t like those terms. Many faiths that sought to suppress “occult” lore did so by absorbing it, giving their faith more credibility but masking the truth that didn’t suit their power structure, and thus their temporal authority. Then condemning the others they absorbed. Nostradamus was a devout man, but his practice of divination has been rejected as true communion with god as he saw it to be. They had to preserve the position of the saints and Jesus. A non ordained doctor with divine visions is heresy.

Nostradamus. Swedenborg. These men had faith and insight. Insight makes you a heretic, and if you are lucky you avoid the stake and are instead discredited. There is a shift beyond this, but so far it is unstable and much is destabilizing. Online there is a shift toward clannish relating, and clan and tribe are being reborn in a way. The destabilization is what’s leading to the stabilization of the personal path. We are finding new relationships based on inner nature more than societal framework. I adopt a daemonic role in ‘Second Life’, but there it is to a degree accepted. There is a place for “demons” and they are not automatically seen as evil people, and many are willing to look deeper into ideas. Less threatened maybe.

We all have a connection to the metaphysical fabric that is the substance of our world and that connection is diverse. We need not see it with the old confines anymore.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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