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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Psychic Doing: Vision in Light Practice

Light Practice

You can also try a vision exercise. What we will look at is self directed vision. If you have a stronger sense, it makes sense to use it and use vision to supplement it if you need more clarity. So with vision…the same exercise as feeling, only different focus.


  1. Focus on seeing. Recall a place or person you would seek to know more about or a situation. An object of attention, person, place or thing. Your choice. If you can, anchor that clearly in your mind.
  2. When you have the object of your attention let your awareness shift to the images. Don’t strain. Just go from recall of the subject to images arising of the subject. Note what feelings arise as these images occur to you. Is what you feel memory, or is it something more? Does it differ in any way? Release any effort to analyze and just observe.

Also try this..most people think that they need to close their eyes. Don’t. The only reason for it is to shift your attention to your vision center instead of your eyeballs and that can be done with eyes open. The vision center is sort of in the back of your head, but interestingly the actual receptive area is toward the front, in the middle and just a bit above the eyes. Perhaps listening to some kinds of music might help the vision exercise. Unfocus the mind.

Also, remember there is a difference between manifestation and sensing. They do not necessarily go hand in hand. One is active, the other passive. You can simply predict an outcome without guiding it.

Example. When i sit and meditate in my way, I extend my awareness into my world. Not to control, just to know. As I open myself to the world feelings arise. I have no specific focus but they come. Moving by like the scenes in a movie. Feelings and the associated ideas. Often these are of events or circumstances that do arise exactly as I “see” them, for lack of a better term. And if I saw unclearly, I can usually see what deviated from the perception to make it different, but I did nothing to it. And someone else might have deviated to make it different. This is often the case.

This is what I seek to do when giving someone a reading. Provide that insight so that they can make whatever shift they choose.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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