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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

The Doubting Psychic in Light Practice

Light Practice

You may be cautious about your mind ‘making up’ a story. If so, don’t believe these words and don’t believe your thinking right now. It is the same process. Don’t believe what your body is telling you. We all take cognizance in exactly the same way. It is all the mind making up a story.

Daydreaming can be a form of psychic ability. However, we do lie to ourselves. What differentiates is the quality of awareness, but you can check yourself on that. When your eyes say you see your computer screen is there any element of wilfulness? Of certainty or uncertainty? No. It’s just natural. If you are psychically sensing, it works the same way.

You need to be present enough to know when you’re pushing something. And if you are sensing something of deep personal meaning to you, it is all too easy to blind yourself to the truth of it.

Again meditation practice helps refine that ability, to see those subtle differences. Those subtle differences are always there. Your mind picks them up all the time, and they aren’t so subtle when we start to notice.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. darcy

    i have no insight@ more questions! i chose not to ignore. big mistake. i do not want to lose myself to .. things by medtating, i love to hate sleeping
    i know im choosing ignorance and therefor not growing. i barely can be credible to those who know and love me. two of my five kids also are open. i dont want to frighten them bc ive always said they cannot be harmed.

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