If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

Energy Of Thought in Psionics


Thoughts tend to make their home in a mind space, an individual persons mind. Space doesn’t really apply to the mindscape. So one thought can be in two minds, but thoughts tend to like the minds they “dwell” in, so they resist outside influence. The thoughts you have like their home and would protect you, just as the cells in your body like their home and seek to protect you.

Is this why thoughts can be so hard to change? Yes, and we also have the false concept of “thoughts my mind has”. The cells in your brain are not the only ones that can have thoughts. Your body can have thoughts too, and this is the basis of psionic healing. I have seen someone, who totally ignored their stomach, develop body thoughts that then began to disrupt their “mind”.

I’ve heard of body memory and physical learning. That sounds similar. It’s the same, but seen from a psychic rather than a mechanical view.

What did the body thoughts sound like? You can wind up making the other residents of your body more or less hate you, but the thoughts were, “This one has betrayed us. They care not for the body unity.” “This one has taken thoughts that will kill us. We must stop them.”

Hence, your body turns on the person with additional ailments. Sick people get sicker? They don’t mean the pain as a threat of death. They are warning you that your thought threatened death. The pain is just their alarm. You also absorb the thought of anything you eat. The energy of thought cannot be destroyed, just transferred and transformed.

You are what you eat. Yes, and you think like what you eat. A lot of our livestock know lives of depression, fear and pain, mostly depression. Is it a wonder depression affects people so commonly now that it’s more common than catching a cold?

Thoughts can nourish the spirit? They can nourish the spirit, yes, or poison it. If you eat something that hates you, you are eating the hate of you. If you foster hate in the minds of this world, you pollute the very “psychic” air you breathe.

How do you know if it hates you? Animals that have been raised cruelly learn to hate and fear all humans. However, if you were the farmer and treated your livestock cruelly, then butchered it and ate it, the force of the thought would be even greater. Farmers often refuse to eat what they raised. Vegetables are aware of the great mind more or less directly. Plants are living antennas of psychic energy. They have the privilege and burden of networking all minds on this planet, and they understand that their bodies must nourish the other life. They don’t worry about this as they share their consciousness with the mineral minds, quartz crystals and such.

What do vegetables think? Plants do not hate at all, and they fear only in the most elemental sense. They fear for life in general more than they might fear for themselves. The Druids had a deep understanding when they accorded such high respect to the trees.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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