'Purpose' Chapter


What is our purpose here on earth? Our purpose is what we are naturally. Among species, we are here and we are “dominant” due to our awareness. We are present to be aware in the way that humans are able, but likewise our purpose is in our relationships. We are here to be aware, and to be aware of each other and our living kin as a whole.

You are purpose. What you have to have is connection. Every bit of energy that moves through you is, or can be, filtered through your purpose. It’s why you are here.

“Purpose is what gives life a meaning.” Eyemadreamer Charles H. Perkhurst

“It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.” Hermann Hesse (German born Swiss Novelist and Poet. Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946, 1877-1962)

“Man is not born to solve the problems of the universe, but to find out what he has to do… within the limits of his comprehension.” rashaski Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

Sharing Personal Information

How well does society understand purpose? I think society has a narrow view of purpose. I agree. It sets its societal purpose according to economic need and security. Does their model allow these things, in fact? The international milieu, rather… Seek More

Remove Secrecy

With respect to this topic of “purpose”, would it not be beneficial to define what it is that everyone wants? I put forth that there are common needs. I would second that notion, and it’s not possible for everyone to… Seek More

Natural Authority

Natural authority. I will use the term luck, or mana. Sometimes new words are better, but unless someone has an idea, I have none and will use mana. Each of us has a mana, and times when we are acting… Seek More

Our Purpose

The way of true love can be harsh. I think this is where we should go to further the discussion on purpose. The lover is the defender, the nurturer. One cannot love and leave be, nor can one love and… Seek More

You Are Purpose

Purpose is not role. Purpose cannot be exclusively defined by individuals, but must of necessity include the individual, and purpose for the most part is not well established by traditional views at all, with some exceptions. Your purpose is not… Seek More

Collective Purpose

It’s said there are only six degrees of separation between any two people. Even if this isn’t literally true, it raises a point. Reality is a vast web of relationships, but we don’t all relate to everything the same. We… Seek More

Dark Purpose

Dark purpose. Many people think that maybe they might have one. Most people are actually deluded. I will define it, but first the big picture. Most people (and most living things in general) have a life centered purpose, and this… Seek More

Purpose Is Home

With purpose being in ourselves, why do people keep looking “beyond” for purpose? They aren’t looking beyond for purpose. They all, at least subconsciously, know this won’t work. They are looking beyond for permission. It’s better to make a mistake… Seek More

Living Purpose

I will feel like I served my purpose if you, my friends, can share your own. You don’t have to have it down to a formula. If anything, you will have more of the truth if it isn’t a formula.… Seek More