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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Dark Purpose in Purpose


Dark purpose. Many people think that maybe they might have one. Most people are actually deluded. I will define it, but first the big picture.

Most people (and most living things in general) have a life centered purpose, and this is best served if they can live together and in peace. Sharing between each other and working to enable further life and prosperity for all living things. Is it fair to say that this is true for most people? It is a beautiful picture, is it not? Much to be desired.

Now many misanthropic individuals just avow that their place in the world is dark, even evil. I guess it’s easy to see it that way. They are looking for an excuse to give a meaning to an otherwise licentious attitude they have about life, and well, they don’t accomplish much. In more recent times, there has been an underground acceptance of “black magick.” People either openly or circumspectly think it’s “cool”, but most people are just foolish. It isn’t cool. The faddish BS is not purpose, and their rationales for why they are supposedly doing hateful things are empty. It’s just idiocy and leaves them empty handed, empty headed and empty hearted.

Selfish and misled. They simply do not have all the facts and a big big mess to clean up. Yes, but is there no truth to darkness? There is, and most people are not equipped to deal with it and are not supposed to be. The web of relationships, we all have, set us all in different places.

I am doing dark purpose for the contrast, because a great many people are pessimistic. For some few people, they find a place in the shadows. They aren’t sad, lost or angry. They aren’t looking to justify anything. But just as leaches and maggots have a purpose, for some people their purpose is in understanding how life ends. How it fails. How hope dies, and how it can be reborn. That’s where the posers show themselves. The fools fall short there, because for all the nobility and well meaning effort, things fail, creations break.

My experience is in how our actions, or our manifested will, makes us feel, the subtlety. It’s like listening to an internal compass. One that is guided by truth. However most cannot hear it for the cacophony of their selfish thoughts. Exactly. I dare say that seems like an almost angelic insight, like a higher self speaking. You aren’t speaking from malice. You just see the degree to how the right state is not manifest, but to finish dark purpose…

Some must be the “eaters of the dead.” Some naturally are the children of Anubis. Some are meant to destroy, but their purpose is much the same as that of the maggot or fungus. They destroy so that new life can spring forth. They see the darkness so that the light can be more clearly defined. From that gross decay, that horrific scene of death, from that and only that does hope spring eternal. The dark ones, those whose true purpose is in shadow, they serve that. How exactly they serve that differs between individuals, but someone has to be in the sewers. Someone has to handle the stink.

There is no finality. That is what allows peace between the shadow and the light. It’s all life and life does go on. It’s just ignorance that has to end.

Then “posers” are not living their purpose and are disrupting the big picture? Yes. They look for permissions and privileges they think are available to someone else without being suited to them. They aren’t equipped to handle them, and actually are insulting those whose place it is to be there and do that.

How is it not their purpose? To the degree they must “try” it is not their purpose. The true children of the shadows don’t create a big noise. They won’t strut around declaring their own superiority.

“Me thinks thou doth protest too much”? The poser protests too much. So many people call themselves artists, and others just do art. Some people call themselves rationalists, and others just look at things. Some declare themselves leaders, and others just help people.

Now, how do you know your own purpose? It’s not as complicated as it might seem. It is no great mystery. Other people may already be seeing your purpose as they have no vested interest in making you special. The reason they get in the way is not that they don’t see you for who you are. It’s because they do see you and try to convince you you are not. Because then they have permission themselves to be off purpose or so they think.

Besides, how can you manifest your dark will in secret if you yell your intent from the top of a mountain? True. Not that I know…. ahem. Children of the dark are welcome here. This is why I say only hostility is not welcome.

There is a time and a place for darkness. But too much darkness and there will be noting left to feed upon. True.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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