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Even people who may seem inert aren’t. They have to act to avoid action, though usually that is not conducive to growth or productivity.

You Are Purpose in Purpose


Purpose is not role. Purpose cannot be exclusively defined by individuals, but must of necessity include the individual, and purpose for the most part is not well established by traditional views at all, with some exceptions. Your purpose is not defined by yourself exclusively, but it does include your thoughts and feelings, and purpose is not defined by memory but can be obscured by it.

Purpose is not defined by arbitrary groups, but it has as part of its essence your relationships. A group cannot give you your purpose, but you can share your purpose with a group.

Would purpose be personal and role a place in the group? Good question, and it’s actually sort of complicated. Purpose is both personal and transpersonal.

Purpose of a group only lasts if individual purposes align. You point out something important. Groups can endure if they have reality backing them up, and don’t serve a totally artificial purpose, like say a family. They endure because of the reality of the parent child bond, and the reality of the mating bond.

And the personal definition of our roles in that bond. Yes. Active definition fails, always. So you can’t just assign a definition of your role and have it work, but definition as intelligibility.

It failed for me. I had to get divorced, because it was not a flexible enough arrangement.

Now I understand my lashing out as a teen. Wanted a new role.

Is what many attempt in marriage and fail.

Indeed. Your body has definition. There is such a thing as what is your hand and what is not your hand. Your psychology has definition also. Your self definition of it works / succeeds because of self discovery, not because of your willpower. How many of you have had willpower reveal any truth to you?

I find it is the usage of willpower that puts stress on a system, especially if it is a false system construct. It shatters. Yes.

You have free will. This is as it should be, because your nature itself is free. There is a whole movie about the nature of a living being titled “Born Free.”

I will offer that you cannot recognize self by using willpower, but it will show you a lot of “not self”, and most of that will be a lie. There is another old saying. “There but for the grace of God, go I.” It is maybe also said as “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” You can choose to focus and choice is true will, but people think will is something else. A sort of sadomasochistic endurance.

Any time one makes a choice, it is an exercise of will. True will, but true will is not force. They don’t recognize that it is their will to have a Snickers bar. You have all sorts of will, we all do.

I expect purpose is naturally in our will? No. Will is naturally in our purpose, but we do get it confused. We put the cart before the horse, but there is a reason that horse just won’t pull.

You must first have purpose in order to exercise will? Yes, but more to the point. You are purpose. What you have to have is connection. Every bit of energy that moves through you is, or can be, filtered through your purpose. It’s why you are here. You aren’t here just to collect energy for a vague reason, to just have it float to no end. You fit in a bigger tapestry of energy exchange. If energy is given to you, it’s because of your purpose. Purpose is the “why” of everything.

It is often said that everyone wants different things. This is not true, but what is true is that everyone has a different purpose, even if the difference is just one of degrees.

We are all individuals. Thus we each have a different purpose. And you are you and not me because your purpose is to be you. Purpose is the why you even exist.

Then everything has purpose, but maybe not will? Exactly. Everything has purpose, and everything has energy. But the energy doesn’t manifest as “will” in everything. Your pet has a will, but the rock has energy and purpose. No will. The rock exists to be a rock, but your will stems from the rocks energy and the airs energy.

It can become part of will. I can use it to manifest my will. I can throw it. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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