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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Our Purpose in Purpose


The way of true love can be harsh. I think this is where we should go to further the discussion on purpose. The lover is the defender, the nurturer. One cannot love and leave be, nor can one love and objectify. To love is to be alive and embrace your connections naturally, rather than living with the delusion of “selectiveness”.

But what if love distracts us from life just for a short period? How can you be distracted from living? And if it does, why does it?

Memories, lies, I guess. That is not love. Memories are composite pictures, half truths. They aren’t even strictly yours as you naturally imitate the reactions of people whose mana is not in harmony with your own. This is the thing that makes hostages come to identify with their captors. Unfortunately, we all live like that. Isn’t it time to be free?

Captives of societal expectation? Yes, and society has ground us all and our planet into the dirt. Don’t you want another way? Do any of you here not want another way? Feel free to say, because we seek whole views.

What is our purpose here on earth? Our purpose is what we are naturally. Among species, we are here and we are “dominant” due to our awareness. We are present to be aware in the way that humans are able, but likewise our purpose is in our relationships. We are here to be aware, and to be aware of each other and our living kin as a whole.

We have a power. So far it’s been a horrible power, but that’s because it’s been exercised in a stupefied state, a waking nightmare.

I’m remembering a phrase in that Genesis book … and man shall have dominion and shall subdue all that is of earth… Words to that effect. Chilling. Yes, because man lost communion. Man lost awareness, but kept the power to decide. That’s the terrible power.

We collapse wave forms. We limit and solidify reality. This can have a good purpose and originally it did. Veins have to contain the blood. Lungs for a time have to hold air.

I have heard a truth expressed once, and we forgot this truth. But it is perhaps the one true key to healing and balance. The phrase I heard it said in was this, “I am bound by that which I bind. I am contained by that which I contain.” You have the power of decision. You are doing it for the world, but you aren’t doing it with impunity. If you feel punished, it’s because you are punishing yourself.

Our true purpose is to eternally seek truth? It can be said that way, yes. Having that you will not lose your way, and having your way you will have love.

Truth is love. Yes, and love is truth, but love is not some conditional emotion. No condition can define love. If a condition does then it is not love.

We have to let love go, but keep it in our hearts? Actually, you have to realize that you have never gained love, nor did you ever lose it. So there is no obtaining and letting go, but one has love as their substance. All that exists, exists for love.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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