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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Natural Authority in Purpose


Natural authority. I will use the term luck, or mana. Sometimes new words are better, but unless someone has an idea, I have none and will use mana.

Each of us has a mana, and times when we are acting in our mana. But we are not encouraged to seek this or reflect on this. If we discover it at all, it’s often an accident. Often people just fall into seeking us out for our personal mana. Some people heal, some people guide, some people see deeply. We each have something like this about ourselves. Some people have gifts with animals, others plants, others still have a talent with machines. They don’t pick it. They are it.

What’s the old saying, learn to do by doing? Very appropriate, but likewise it is how we can and should learn to stop doing. Not everything suits us equally, and if we dissipate our mana by trying to be “omnipotent”, we just wind up weak in everything.

I have a tough time with emotion, more on the love side. Sometimes I just care too much. Is love mana? Yes actually, but it’s root. All mana has its roots in love. Everything we do naturally, we do for love. Some love to sing, some love to dance, some love to talk, some love cars, some love food.

But when does it become too much? There is a guideline. It’s too much when it’s weakening, compulsive. Denies you a center.

I suppose I believe that people will naturally behave according to the energy they have available. i.e. When something becomes painful. Oh, they can yes, and I always hope they will. But very often they don’t. They try to overcompensate.

The idea that there can be too much of a good thing is a half truth. Instead, consider this. There is no such thing as a good thing, nor a bad thing. What goes wrong is there is an unreal thing, a distorted thing. When clarity is lost, when the lie rules, then you get the bad. The biggest lie in society, as it currently stands, is the idea that the individual must be subject to the mob, or that the mob most “own” the world. If it’s just you, how much territory do you actually want? Given that a couple of people tend to want to share territory between them, how much territory do they actually want?

One of the best “collective lies” I have seen is detailed in the documentary “The Cove”. The man who created Flipper has since atoned and become a world leader in a crusade to end the senseless slaughter of dolphins. The further he went into this “purpose”, the more he uncovered in the way of “lies”. Excellent that he has. Sometimes even foolishness leads to insight. In fact, it’s usually the most common path to insight. Purpose is the opposite of lies.

I would say my best example is Zeitgeist. You feel they are misguided? All Zeitgeist does is talk about lies. Oh, true. Lots of conspiracy groups point out lies and give nothing to replace it. This is a waste of time.

What Zeitgeist did to me was confuse the hell out of me. It made me look around and open my eyes, but basically it said my whole life was a lie. Open eyes is useful, at least.

Natural authority would be “going to the horses mouth”. Unnatural authority would be asking a human about horses. The easiest way maybe to explain it, and will get it back onto purpose, is I am the natural authority on me. No one is better at knowing me than me, or being me than me. By extension, we don’t all relate to every part of the world equally well, nor is it our purpose to.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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