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If everything seems meaningless, then you’re way off center.

Your Personal Story in Cognitive Bias

Virtual Interaction Theory

How much of your personal story is about concrete physical experiences?

It’s more about subjective so not much on the concrete.

How many of our day to day fears are based on concrete things? How much control is exerted over us by concrete presences or potential for direct influence?

I’ve been shown how people interact with me is based on their interpretation of my look. But what is interesting is I can’t change this look.

I am afraid of fire, thunderbolts and lightning not to mention earthquakes and tsunami. I am not afraid of fire, thunderbolts or lightning, nor am I afraid of animals or disease. I am afraid of humans.

If a wild pig sow is pissed off at my presence, I better know how to climb a tree right fast and soon.

If a bull moose charges me, I am afraid. A bull moose won’t charge you unless provoked, unless you communicate the wrong meaning to it, and its range of meanings are not hard to understand. This is why Temple Grandin is so good with animals. It’s humans who defy meaning, only humans, all other species acknowledge and accept meaning.

Humans are the most dangerous animals. They are deceptive and manipulative. Actually, humans are just “thinkers.” It’s a weird obsession, something they have yet to really understand let alone define or master.

I never thought of it that way, but yes, obsessive thinking non stop brain chatter.

Is it an obsession or is it a definition of what we are? Humans have not defined what they are. They refuse to. To do that they would have to have a context, and they cannot invent that context in a free form manner.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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