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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Meaning Behind the Meaning in Cognitive Bias

Virtual Interaction Theory

Should I go further into meaning as it stands now? Or perhaps the meaning behind the meaning?

Remember my earlier reference to children seeing everything as an agent? And well, adults do also. They just deny it. It’s actually inescapable. Scientific pretense even collapses under pressure.

We understand our world as behaviour. We understand reasons as motivations. The world feels to us to be a motivated agent. Animals and plants, and even the elements, do things simply because they want to. Even science is beginning to confirm that this is literally true in the case of plants and animals at least. Physicists and chemists only revert to that thinking when pressed. We still perceive weather as being angry or sad, or cheerful. We think of sunny days as friendly. We even say things like the sun is smiling.

We also project a “purpose” and/or “goal” onto the cosmos as if were intentionally going somewhere. About the idea of projection, can we arrive at purpose outside of a physical milieu? Can we conceive of goals outside of a world?

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Intuition? Intuition builds worlds in our minds does it not?

Dream? Dream builds worlds. We objectify everything.

Dreams give answers I cannot attain in the physical. You are attuning in the physical or else the answers would have no meaning or context for you.

It passes into my physical, yes. My mind and body. Where is the separation?

There is none. It is all one thing.

We translate it to here.

So the earliest meaning was derived from seeing the world around us as a collection of agents, and we came to understand the natural world as we would come to understand other people, our family or friends. This was even pretty necessary when it came to understanding other animal species, the idea that mothers seek to protect their young. Without this understanding, well… We will have lost many more of our kind to inter-species misunderstanding.

Other animals have sense beyond our own, and in earlier times we were able to borrow their understanding intuitively as we naturally inferred that what changed in the behaviour of the animals around us had causes. Could even heighten our own sensitivity when we had social cues. Birds all go to roost means a storm is coming, and when we notice this bird behaviour we might also notice the air feels heavy around us.

We just accepted the meanings of these things, associative thinking. The most primal thinking in humanity and the most universal on this planet.

I am thinking about how the movie Life of Pi demonstrates a lot of what you’re saying. Good reference.

But over time humanity began to change. Our brains have always had two sides to them, and originally the right hemisphere, the animal and intuitive side, was the side that was awake. It formed our primary waking experience. The left hemisphere, the story telling creative linguistic side dreamed, made up things, explored experiences we had during that day. This is why the shamans and oracles were looked to. Those dreams were weird, worse than Michael Bay movies.

Occasionally under stress, the left hemisphere would even insert its own ideas into our waking consciousness, giving us hallucinations, thought insertions, the speech of the gods.

In-sight? Yes. Some people even still experience this process as being invasive. The two domains of the mind still behave antagonistically toward each other. Schizophrenics aren’t a new problem. They are an old one. It’s only in the modern era that it’s even actually a problem. Before, they were just spiritual guides and didn’t experience so much stress. They were taught socially reinforced traditional rituals to deal with their experiences. Their lives and experiences had meaning, and really still do. We just forcibly marginalize them, drugging them into a twisted stupor. Better ignorance through chemistry!

So have a crossed any lines yet? Made you at all uncomfortable?

No. Excellent.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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