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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Driving Force Behind Human Activity in Psychic Morphism

Psychic Morphism

If psychic morphism weren’t the primary driving force behind human activity, then why have our tools and technology changed so much over the extent of human history? And they have a very great deal. Many of the most archaic tools would still be just as usable today as they once were, but we still change them even without needing to. If psychic morphism were not the drive or governing principle I describe it to be, then wouldn’t we have arrived at the one sufficient form for the tool and left it at that?

So the inventions of one are a vehicle causing the psyche of all of mankind to shift? Yes.

Are you saying that the map is not a territory. The thermostat is not the climate, but we think in terms of maps and thermostats? And these tools keep changing? I am indeed, and also seeking to illustrate the plasticity of the environment our psyches function in, the receptivity to imprinting.

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Paper pads to iPads to sonnets on DNA! Psychic morphism has even become written into DNA, but well before that into the genetic traits of our companion species and our livestock, breeding these things not as they objectively need to be, but simply as we want them to be. Naturally, with mixed results of course. Humanity has been functioning much like the frontal lobes of the neocortex function in our individual brains, with little actual receptivity to the ways of the consciousness that comes before it, and in general ignorance of the primordial ground that still influences it. What we see in our artificial (read imaginary) world today shows the natural consequences of such schizophrenic behaviour.

Yes, it is everywhere around us. The other species on this planet, even the bacterial and viral elements of life, are reacting to human solipsism. We were meant to be a self aware species, not just a thinking species, and by self I don’t mean self as an individual, I mean self as the lens for all our experience of life and being alive. Instead, our thinkers have been egotistically projecting the “human” signature into the world as a whole, assuming that truth and or god is just humanity enlarged to the biggest conceivable scale.

My point is, our thoughts are not just things going on in our heads, and it is impossible for them to be so. Thought manifests as action, as engineering (social and technological), and as the psychotic mood swings our scientists refer to as psychogenic illness, mass hysteria. We are governed by mass hysteria, just in its milder form we instead call it enthusiasm, trends, things like that.

Why our mood swings show the psychotic tendency is simple. As much as we want to deny it, our emotional lives are not strictly human. They are a part of a cycle or rhythm, a tide and flow that includes all life on this planet, and I mean all of it. This is perhaps why the Chinese have their saying about disease and longevity. Our very bodies expect to be in tune with the cycles of the natural world around us, so we expect to get a cold from time to time when that season is upon us. This is the reason for the flu epidemic. The people of the world have been wanting, even needing to return to “life”, and not this psychotic sociological crap we call politics and economy, and things like that. What happens when we try to only selectively permit parts of our emotional experience into our conscious awareness?

It’s stressful. We must ignore or repress the other parts.┬áChronic stress related disorders, psychotic breakdowns, heart attack being one of the foremost causes of death. In rare and extreme cases, an epileptic seizure can cause heart failure. I can speak from personal experience on this one. What happens in the brain during seizure is not different than what happens while you are awake and thinking normally, and the neural spiking that comes from surges of strife, contempt, hate, anxiety, all of those things we take for granted as just being how the so called real world is, have the same impact as a seizure. They just fragment the bodies energy and integrity more slowly is all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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